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Pay With Plastic For Snappy Transactions: Plastiq API

When your business or product's main access to customers is online, the last thing you want is a stumbling block when it comes to accepting payments. Quick and easy is the name of the game as online shoppers are used to nothing less than instant purchases at the click of a button and the convenient option to use their credit cards. Plastiq is a credit card payment processing and service provider that allows merchants to easily accept credit card payments for their goods and services. The Plastiq API makes it possible for developers to integrate this functionality with other applications.

PayZang Launches Payment Processing API

PayZang, payment processing provider, has introduced a new payment API. The API allows merchants to integrate payment options with third party applications and platforms. PayZang hopes to attract new customers with the API because integration will speed up online shopping and bill pay experiences.

Integrate Cross-border, International Payments Processing with Currency Cloud's XBPConnect API

The Currency Cloud, cross border payment as a service provider, has enabled developers to integrate international payment processing with an API: XBPConnect. Prior to the Currency Cloud, payment/invoice software required users to leave the platform and engage a third party to process an international invoice. The Currency Cloud allows cross border and multi-currency transactions from a single platform. The API allows developers to integrate the functionality into existing apps and platforms.

PayOnDelivery Launches API

PayOnDelivery, online payment platform that doesn't charge until delivery, has announced the PayOnDelivery API. Third party apps and websites may use the API to integrate payment processing. Developers have full access to the PayOnDelivery platform, including its keystone feature that refuses to release funds until the product lands in a consumer's hands.

Easy Payment Options Equals More Sales: Mygate API

Mygate is a financial services and payment solutions company that provides safe and secure transactions for online merchants across Europe and in South Africa. The payment gateway allows merchants to accept credit card payments from their websites, automate recurring payments, process manual payments for mail order and telephone orders, take fraud prevention measures and receive reports via a transaction reporting system. The Mygate API makes this functionality available to be integrated with other websites and applications.

Online Trading's A Breeze With PayPoint's API

Online business is booming, and with that comes the need for easy and safe payment processing. PayPoint is a UK based company that offers a variety of safe and secure payment solutions to any business of any size. The company's selling point is that they have 15 years of experience in this sector and they pride themselves on constantly working to make online payments even simpler and more efficient. The PayPoint API makes this tried and tested functionality accessible to be integrated with other applications.

Dwolla Hosts Old MacDonald Hackathon in Hometown Des Moines

Dwolla, highly innovative payment network, celebrates its second anniversary by hosting a hackathon in its birthplace: Des Moines, Iowa. To complement the unusual choice of geography for a hackathon, Dwolla chose a name to fit the occasion: Old MacDonald Hackathon. Dwolla and co-host, Silicon Prairie News, aim for 50 developers to enjoy the scene and conjure up some disruptive applications utilizing Dwolla's APIs.

SumUp Launches API for In-app Payments

SumUp, a mobile payments rising star, recently announced an API that allows third party apps to accept credit card and cash payments without leaving the app. Prior to the API, SumUp users and customers were required to use the SumUp app in isolation from the merchant app to utilize the slick mobile payments platform.

Barzahlen Provides Germany With a Worry-Free Online Payment Option

Every year 15 million people are victimized by identity theft in America alone. Identity theft is an ever-present concern in the minds of consumers worldwide and the continued migration of commerce to the internet is only exaggerating the issue. Barzahlen, an online payment solution in Germany, is thinking outside the box and presenting an interesting alternative to online payment. Using the Barzahlen API developers can offer Barzahlen as a payment option in their online stores. Selecting this payment option would allow customers to claim the product online, then take a receipt to a physical Barzahlen location to process the payment in person.

Developer Revenues: The Dilemma and the Opportunity of In-app Purchase and Carrier Billing

How can developers make money? That’s a big question in the mobile app space, and the answer is changing. There has been a gradual recognition over the past few years that one-time payment for apps (those “paid apps” that we avoid downloading if we can) is not the happy-face solution for most developers aiming to be compensated adequately for the creative work they do.

Charge by Credit Card From an iOS App With iZettle's New API

With iZettle's new iOS API it is possible to include credit card payments in any IOS app. iZettle is a Swedish company known in locally as “Spotify for payments” and in the US as “the European Square”. Using their chip card reader and iOS app, small businesses and individuals can charge via VISA, Mastercard, American Express or Diners Club and the payment is finalized with the card holders signature written with the finger straight on the iOS screen. So far the payment service is available in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and is being tested in the UK. They just got a €25 million to roll out in more countries world wide.

Money APIs Power The New Wall Street

From billion dollar companies to the neighborhood coffee shops, merchants of all sizes are seeking new ways to offer secure and affordable mobile payments systems that expand their ability to conduct business. The PayPal API got its start this way, first with online auctions, then with thousands of websites and individuals. It's now one of over 150 payment APIs, many of which exist outside of traditional finance.