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Collect Happiness Dividends Through Community Investment

Piryx offers a leg-up to groups with fundraising needs. Of course most groups that need money can’t afford to have slick websites and payment gateways. It’s a tough spot to be in since a little technical investment could go a long way toward gathering funds to meet the organization’s needs. Piryx has made that investment. It offers a social media-ready payment gateway specifically designed for non-profits, charities, and community groups. Now the Piryx API can be used by other web entities that want to support these causes.

Facebook Credits Comes Out of Beta, Unveils a Very Real API for Somewhat Less Real Money

After beta testing for almost a year, the Facebook Credits API is finally being opened to all developers. Before beta testing the service had been in very limited alpha testing for over six months before that. On July 1st, more than two years after the social networking site started working on the system, all Facebook-based games that process payments will be required to use only Facebook Credits. The 350 applications granted early access already account for 70% of such transactions. Facebook credits can be purchased by users at a rate of $0.10 each (with an additional 10 free when buying 100) and redeemed by application developers for $0.07, leaving Facebook with the balance.