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SumAll Launches New Integration Feature Using GitHub API

API aggregation service SumAll has released a new GitHub API integration allowing businesses to track team productivity and better monitor the full bug tracking development lifecycle. The new integration is a clear example of the value that aggregating various APIs into one visual data layer can bring to the enterprise and to small business.

Handshake API Integrates Sales Order Platform with Third Party Apps and Services

Handshake, sales order processing platform, offers the Handshake API that allows developers to integrate Handshake with third party applications and services. Handshake allows users to write, accept, and sync orders across any device or server running the Handshake platform. Additionally, Handshake supports barcode scanning for more streamlined order processing.

ScrapeLogo API Simplifies Adding Logos to Websites

ScrapeLogo, created by Maintop Businesses, allows users to add logos to a website via the ScrapeLogo API with no need for backend coding. The ScrapeLogo API needs only the URL of the business whose logo a user desires to add to a website. The API then crawls business websites, social networks, and more to find the appropriate logo. As ScrapeLogo continues to grow, it will compile a logo database that updates as logos change and improve.

Demandbase API Enables B2B Personalization Marketing

Personalization tools have long existed allowing marketers to custom tailor online marketing to consumers. However, business to business marketing has eluded personalization tools until Demandbase created its Real-time Identification service: a "service [that] bridges the gap between known and anonymous web visitors by identifying and segmenting the companies visiting a website, and providing detailed, targetable business attributes in real-time." Now, Demandbase is making its Real-time Identification platform available to third party developers via an the Demandbase API.