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Firebase Leaves Beta Behind and Launches Production Ready Service

Firebase, real-time backend for web application development, originally launched a little over a year ago. Since its launch, Firebase has remained in beta while it continued to improve its service and build a customer base. Over the past year, Firebase has added features, functionality, and thousands of customers. Accordingly, Firebase has announced it is leaving its beta stages behind and publically launching as a full-fledged paid product.

Mobile Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS): Give me Liberty or give me... Convenience?

MBaaS provides mobile developers with LIBERTY and CONVENIENCE. LIBERTY in the sense of self-determination, control and an independent destiny--they can communicate with, manage, understand and serve their users without being beholden to external influences. An app developer who doesn’t control their users has no independent future. CONVENIENCE is a simple matter of reducing time-to-market, risk and cost of development.

Parse and Box Join Forces to Boost Enterprise App Development

Despite the rise in the number of programming languages and developer frameworks, it is still not an easy task to develop a mobile application powered by a server side infrastructure. You not only have to worry about selecting a platform/language of choice but also consider items like storage, application logic and much more. Parse and have come together to make things easier for you.