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Survey Finds Developer Influence Reaches Far Beyond IT

Developers have always exercised more influence over all things IT than generally acknowledged. But now it looks like the reach of that influence is starting to extend well into business and society itself. A new survey of 1,000 software developers in the U.S. published today by Chef, providers of an open source framework for automating the management of IT, finds that 94 percent of the developers surveyed expect to be a revolutionary influence in major segments of the economy during the next five years. Additionally, 63 percent feel a talented software developer has more power to change society than a talented public speaker.

FoodEssentials Enhances LabelAPI

ProgrammableWeb initially covered FoodEssentials in 2012 when its LabelAPI matched around 75% of scanned product labels from developer partners. Since then, its database has grown to include the lion's share of all products sold in the U.S. market. As FoodEssentials gets ready for another SXSW, ProgrammableWeb caught up with FoodEssentials’ Tyler Olsen to learn more about LabelAPI’s success, growth and future.

Nutritionix Plans to Launch Nutrition Label Transcription API

Nutritionix, a leading provider of food data and nutrition information on restaurants, packaged foods and common foods, plans to launch a public version of its Nutrition Label Transcription API in 2014. Nutritionix currently provides a Nutritionix API which allows programmatic access to a database of more than 300,000 foods, nutrition data and UPC/barcodes. The Nutritionix API was one of the APIs used to create Mappetite, an app that won the "best usage of a 3scale powered API" prize at the Future of Food Hackathon + Forum in November.

eThor Provides Developers the Single POS Integration Platform

eThor, a Point Of Sale (POS) integration platform that allows customers to connect their online ordering experience with their POS systems is now making the eThor API available to developers. This industry unique solution allows developers to plug directly into the platform without having to worry about the POS integration. With the API, innovative mobile application companies will have greater access to real-time data from their offline POS systems and their barrier of entry is lower than ever before.

F5 Networks Invokes Node.js to Put Developers in Control

It may take some getting used to, but with more control over applications, developers will have to assume a lot more responsibility for their performance. At the Node Summit yesterday, F5 Networks announced that it is leveraging technology gained via its acquisition of LineRate Systems to allow developers to customize Web traffic via an API created using the Node.js framework.