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13 Notable Transportation APIs

New technology and transportation applications have transformed the way commuters, delivery services, fleet operators, and travelers get places. Driving these applications are Transportation APIs, and developers can find hundreds of them in the ProgrammableWeb directory. Here are some highlights.

Pedalling the Connection: Data, Devices and APIs in Le Tour de France

198 riders from 22 teams set off on June 29th, 2013 to race in the 100th anniversary of LeTour de France -- an annual multiple stage bicycle race primarily held in France. Today, professional cycling is arguably the most technology addicted of all sports, with cyclists frequently using  technology to achieve improved performance. Similar to other sectors, API Management is now at the heart of the latest technology advances in this field.

viaCycle Enters the Bike Sharing Market with an API Advantage

Bike sharing, a common form of collective transportation outside the US, has started gaining traction in the US. A recent addition to the bike sharing scene, viaCycle, approaches the market differently than its competitors and hopes that its innovative approach will make it the Zipcar of bike sharing. viaCycle differentiates itself by combining the community aspect of bike sharing with "cutting edge IT." Within the IT competitive advantage lies the viaCycle API available for third-party app development.

CycleStreets Brings Bicycle Journey Planning to the UK

Cycling in the UK is not only a popular past time but and also a real commuting choice. The UK has numerous defined cycle routes and many towns and cities have designated cycling lanes and more recently London introduced a cycling scheme fondly referred to as Boris' Bikes after the current Mayor of London. Since more and more people are using a bicycle as a preferred method of transport, and with cyclists having a different selection of routes, on top of the ordinary street network, than alternative transportation methods, it makes sense for there to be a need for a bicycle journey planning web application and API.

Google Maps API v3 Adds KML, Traffic, and Bike Routes

Developers working with Google's next generation of its popular mapping API (our Google Maps API Profile) will be pleased to learn that some new features have been added to the API. Since its initial release a little less than a year ago, v3 of the Google Maps API has steadily been growing in terms of features and functionality. The latest addition of features are three new "layer classes" that make it dead simple to add KML (or GeoRSS), traffic, or bike routes as overlays on a Google Map.