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NYC in the Movies Mashup

This fall the New York City Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting will celebrate its 40th anniversary with the publication of a book, Scenes From The City, and a series cultural events across the city. But in addition they have created an excellent web mashup: Scenes from the City Interactive Map.

Latest Mashup Contest News

UK-based Talis who have announced the winners in their Mashuping Up the Library Competition 2006. The contest was intended to "openly encourage innovation in the display, use, and reuse of data from and about libraries." They had 18 entries, all of which are listed over in their forum (and will get listed here at ProgrammableWeb). 

100 Shopping Mashups

Given the availability of these good APIs from Amazon, eBay and it should be no surprise that "shopping" is a popular mashup theme. As of now there are exactly 100 shopping-related mashups listed here.

Google Maps Flight Simulator

Just a quick note on Goggles, the first attempt at implementing a (deceptively) simple but creative flight simulator on a Google Map. A fun little diversion. Pick from five cities and go. Arrow controls let you change altitude and turn your plane.

A Tie for Best Mashup

At Mashup Camp last week each attendee was given one wooden nickel with which to vote for their favorite mashup. Then on both days there was a "Speed Geeking" session during which attendees rotated through the Great Hall getting 5 minute demos from each of the 20+ mashup contestants.

Eventsites, a Serverless Mashup

Just a quick pointer to this interesting writeup by Peter Nixey at Webkitchen about the design and architecture of his mashup Eventsites. Why is it interesting? Because his application uses no server-logic or database of its own, just pure AJAX and web-services.

Best New Mashups

After a bit of a lull the pace of new mashup activity seems to be picking-up again. A lot of very interesting mashups have been added here lately. Here's a few: