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SOASTA Partners with CA Technologies for App Testing

Application testing services in the cloud and service virtualization should naturally be joined at the hip. In fact, once most organizations become aware of service virtualization they tend to acquire both technologies in tandem. Recognizing that simple fact, SOASTA this week inked an alliance with CA Technologies. Under this alliance SOASTA’s application testing service in the cloud, CloudTest, will be integrated with Service Virtualization and the CA LISA Test software suites sold by CA Technologies.

NIST's AppVet Tests Apps for Government Use

The National Institue of Standards and Technology (NIST), has created created AppVet. AppVet is an open-source tool that IT groups can use to test applications for use on government networks. AppVet was designed to easily integrate with third party apps and tools (e.g. antivirus software, analyzers, vulnerability repositories, etc.) through simple APIs.

SmartBear Launches TestComplete 10

SmartBear Software, quality and performance management solution provider, has announced a new version of its flagship product, TestComplete. The new version of TestComplete includes support for automated mobile testing. The new release allows third party testing tools to integrate with TestComplete, which enables automated testing. The integration focus of TestComplete's updates hinted at an API story lurking beneath SmartBear's announcement. PW reached out to Niclas Reimertz, SmartBear Vice President of Product Strategy and Management, to inquire.

Rainforest Powers QA with Human Testers

Rainforest, QA solution provider, uses the power of humans to test website quality. The Rainforest API allows developers to programmatically trigger the execution of tests. Rainforest finds that nothing tests a user interface like a good old-fashioned human being. Thus, users set up tests in plain English and Rainforest takes the customer through the steps of the tests.

APImetrics Launches Service To Monitor, Test Actual API Performance

APImetrics has announced the launch of the APImetrics API Performance Test Solution, a new kind of end-to-end API testing and monitoring service that tests an API's functionality and speed of response using complex, authenticated API calls. Most API testing services typically check to see if an API is online by pinging the API address and then reporting the latency of the ping. Using API calls allows the APImetrics service to provide comprehensive monitoring and analysis of the actual performance of APIs.

How Open APIs are Disrupting the Ecommerce Business Model

Open APIs are upending the ecommerce business model and forcing developers to seek out more realtime tools to ensure a positive customer experience. Speaking with ProgrammableWeb at the recent API World conference in San Francisco, Tony*, a lead developer with an online retailer, discussed some of the unique impacts that face retail when using APIs to enhance content delivery.

Zettaset Integrates with Skytap API to Increase Automation and Scalability

Skytap, enterprise cloud service provider, offers the Skytap API which enables users to automate complex operations related to the Skytap Cloud resources. Zettaset, a big data focused enterprise software company, chose to integrate with the Skytap API. The choice came after early integration tests proved a simple migration progress from on-premise environments to a cloud based solution.

Measuring Traffic Load and API Requests per Second: An Interview with Load Impact

As websites launch and web services scale, having a keen understanding of the traffic load impacts becomes a key issue for many businesses. It is a performance function that has been given front page news exposure this week, with US media reporting on the failure of Federal and State health agency sites to meet online traffic demand for information on new health insurance arrangements. Swedish startup Load Impact – which has just established a US office in San Francisco – provides services to help avoid performance failure caused by traffic surges to websites, or error returns due to high levels of polling to API services.

The Learnosity APIs: Testing, Testing 1,2,3

Learnosity is focused on helping educational publishers and assessment companies provide teachers with the tools needed to assess their students whether they are in North & South America, Asia, Africa, Australia, the Middle East, or Europe. The Learnosity APIs join nearly 250 APIs focused on education in our directory. The documentation is split into three different sections: authoring, assessment, and reporting, with further subdivisions for each API within those sections.

Railsware Releases Mailtrap API for Email Test/Dev Environments

Railsware, creator of Mailtrap (email test environment), has released the Mailtrap API. Mailtrap provides a "fake" SMTP server so developers can test email environments without the need of actual customers or users. Mailtrap has proved a useful tool to the developer community; however, API access to Mailtrap features has been desired for third party integration. Mailtrap Product Manager, Pavel Pavlovsky, announced that numerous developers requested API access over the past year and Railsware is happy to announce its availability.

Diving into Codeacademy's API Lessons

Codeacademy has just launched its program for APIs for open release. The well known Codecademy is a team of hackers working hard to build a better way for anyone to teach, and learn, how to code.  Their investors have been Union Square Ventures, Index Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, O'Reilly, SV Angel, Thrive Capital, CrunchFund, Collaborative Fund, Founder Collective, Yuri Milner, Vivi Nevo, Richard Branson, and several others.