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Mechanical Nun Parses Sins, Dispels Your Guilt Via API

Sinners, you are not alone. That is the message a Mechanical Nun art project currently underway in San Francisco hopes to deliver. The nun will record your confession, parse your sins, and link those sins to a location. The data will then be made available in an API for visualization on a map so sinners can see they are in good company, and hopefully, as a result, be able to let go of some guilty feelings.

Say It With Style: Access Daily Quotes With They Said So's API

People love to quote those who have found a way to say it better. Be it a humorous one-liner or inspirational food for thought, it's a quick and easy way to appreciate and share an opinion more eloquently. For web developers who may want to add a little extra for their website or application users, including cool daily quotes could be a simple option. They Said So is a quotes database that provides the They Said So API, making it possible for developers to access this functionality.

Cambridge University Press Adds API to its Vocabulary

Less than two months ago, Merriam-Webster announced that some of its references would be available via an API. Now, competitor Cambridge University Press has followed suit with the Cambridge Dictionaries Online API. Currently, Cambridge offers five dictionaries through an API (i.e. Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary, Cambridge Dictionary of American English, Cambridge Business English Dictionary, Cambridge Learner's English-Turkish Dictionary, and Cambridge Leaner's Dictionary).

URL Shortening Goes Enterprise with BudURL.Pro

Link shortening is no longer just something you do to fit into tweets or keep emails from wrapping. For many, especially those in marketing, it's also a great way to track clicks as their content gets spread across the web. BudURL keeps its focus on fulfilling the link shortening needs of businesses. And now it's added a professional version with custom URLs, analytics and a BudURL.Pro API to access it all. Improves Their Popular URL Shortening API

It is not uncommon to hear services promoting themselves as having more bandwidth, more storage and more speed. Despite this services like Twitter and SMS are incredibly popular despite only being able to send one or two sentences at a time. The economy of these messaging services has made URL shortening services like necessary. Given its integration into 3rd party sites, it’s not surprising that also has an accompanying API, which has just gotten an overhaul with version 3.

Why Are You So Popular,

Hey there, You've been garnering your share of praise--and jealous criticism--lately. It's barely past your first birthday and you've raised a few million in venture capital and are going steady with Twitter, one of the hottest sites of the moment. Your competitors publicly proclaim you as unbeatable. What's your secret,