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Foundation Center Launches Open Data Tool and Foundation Stats API

The Foundation Center, a leading provider of philanthropy data, analysis, and training, has just announced the launch of Foundation Stats, a brand new online tool that generates tables and charts from a vast collection of data about the U.S. foundation community. In addition, the Foundation Center has also provided a Foundation Stats API allowing developers programmatic access to the philanthropy data available at Foundation Stats. API Powers Fantasy Football Apps, NFL statistical data provider, offers the FantasyData NFL API. The API gives developers access to NFL data (e.g. team stats, live scores, season information, box scores, and more). The API targets web and mobile app owners who develop apps for the fantasy football market. Many of the most popular fantasy football apps have already integrated with FantasyData's APIs.

How Unique are You? Roll the Dice through Statistical Me API

Statistical Me gives an online representation of how unique users are based on Australian government census data. The data, pulled from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), is also accessible through the Statistical Me API. The data upon which the statistics are pulled include gender, age, marital status, number of children, income, vehicles, rent/mortgage, and more. Users roll virtual dice until they uncover a profile that fits the user. Based on the results, users receive a graphical and numerical representation of their uniqueness as compared to fellow Aussies.