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miiCard Launches New Directory API

miiCard, online identity verification service, has introduced a new API: miiCard Directory API. The Directory API allows applications to discover miiCard members who have published a public profile page and have elected to be found by the service. The member lookup service can be used with any number of online environments (e.g. social media, transactions, etc.)

Auto Contact Updater Wins Rainmaker Identity API Contest

Rainmaker, which provides an identity API to get more information about a person’s email address, has declared the winners of its API contest. The month long challenge invited developers to make innovative applications based on the Rainmaker API and in the process earn fame and some cool prizes. Rainmaker also announced a new developer challenge that is expected to run in August.

Goodbye Resume, Hello Social Network Data Mining

We’ve all heard it before.  Be careful what you do on social networks because your employer, teacher, business partner or spiritual guru might find out about it.  Well now they won’t just find out about it, they’ll ask you to please allow Reppify to access your social network information so that you can be evaluated.  Reppify will create a report on you, based on your social network activity, and sum it all up in a numerical ranking.  The Reppify API will allow this technology to be integrated into other social network monitoring services like RainMaker.

Cheaters Never Win, But Sometimes They Create APIs

“Is that your real name?” It's a question that we just don’t ask often enough! Fake Name Generator might like to see a little more suspicion in everyday life. The Fake Name Generator API will randomly create an identity complete with name, address, and numbers for phone, credit card, and social security. Why would you need this? Suppose you are testing a credit card processing gateway. You would need to validate and check fake numbers. Or maybe you need to test the validation of your site’s registration form.