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miiCard Launches New Directory API

miiCard, online identity verification service, has introduced a new API: miiCard Directory API. The Directory API allows applications to discover miiCard members who have published a public profile page and have elected to be found by the service. The member lookup service can be used with any number of online environments (e.g. social media, transactions, etc.)

The Sociagram API: Skip Printing a Note with Your Gift, Add a Video Note

You are shopping online and want to send a gift. But do you really want to have the retailer send one of those typed out cards with it? Sure, it includes your personal message but it just makes the recipient miss your handwriting and the ink. Sociagram offers online retailers an interesting alternative: the ability for their customers to add a video message. In many cases, that might be a a leap ahead from a pen and ink note--especially in my handwriting. The Sociagram API is the tool for retailers to use the service on their site. There are 15 APIs under "gift" in our API directory, but this could be the first to offer a "social video" twist to the topic. The API That Keeps on Giving

You want to give a big gift, but you have little money. Or maybe you just have a lot of friends or family members eager to pile in on your great gift idea. Either way, as Colleen Taylor writes in Techchrunch, can help corral your crowd and manage the money.