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Never Miss A Beat With The WhatsNew? API

Adding new features, service updates or interesting content to your business blog is great, but how do you ensure that your users know the cool new stuff is even there? Using a tool like WhatsNew is one way to tackle this issue. It's a service that provides an easy way to show repeat visitors what's new in a given service or application. The WhatsNew API offers even more flexibility, as it allows developers to customise the WhatsNew widget to better suit their specific needs.

Keek Launches First API for Video Updates

Keek, social video network, recently announced the release of the Keek API. Alongside the API launch, Keek established a developer portal that includes tools and resources to assist developers in integrating Keek with third party applications. The Keek API grants developers access to public keeks (i.e. 36 second video updates), search, user profiles, klusters, and more.

WP Remote API: Easy Monitoring For Multiple Worpress Sites

WP Remote, a web application that allows users to service and manage a number of Wordpress-powered sites from one place, has provided the WP RemoteAPI that will allow third parties to integrate with the application, providing opportunity for new and innovative developments. Built as a service that would give back to the Wordpress community and enhance the Wordpress experience, WP Remote is currently free to use and developers are encouraged to use it and test it as they will.

Share Entire Conversations With TweetVue's API

Some Twitter users may have, at some point, had the need to share a conversation or a string of tweets with other people, and would have been left frustrated with the discovery that there wasn't really a way to do that. This was the very frustration that fuelled the creation of TweetVue; a tool that makes it possible to share Twitter conversations with other people. In addition, TweetVue's API gives developers access to this data, allowing them to access and share these conversations.

Charge for Access to Content with the Tinypass API

Simply stated: "Tinypass is a powerful e-commerce platform that helps sites charge for access to content." Developers and site owners can utilize the Tinypass platform by adding a plugin for popular CMS platforms (e.g. Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.); or, developers can integrate Tinypass functionality into apps and third party sites with the Tinypass API.

The Epistlee API: How Simple is Too Simple

Epistlee has managed to create the simplest blog service that I have ever used. There is something to say for a service that allows users to publish content within seconds of creating an account. Although Epistlee lacks certain features that most have come to expect (e.g. a photo hosting solution), they have released the revised Epistlee API that will help developers to integrate Epistlee’s service.

Muvi: Lights, Camera, Action For Web And Mobile Devices

Muvi is a social movie platform where users can access information on movies and celebrities, watch actual trailers and even interact with other users who may have similar movie interests. In addition, users can 'like' a video, see it's popularity, win points and badges and become a fan of a celebrity, engaging with them via tweets. The application supports four languages and provides information on over 100,000 movies and 1 million celebrities from both Hollywood and Bollywood.

Blog Spam Hits The Road With Comment SPAM Wiper

No-one likes a spammer, so 'high fives' for the development of more spam-obliterating solutions. Be it blogs, wikis, guestbooks or discussion boards, all have been the victims of spammers' endeavors to increase their search engine ranking. Comments are automatically posted in their dozens on multiple sites, and the process of manually deleting each of these is becoming increasingly tiresome. Comment SPAM Wiper (CSW) and it's SpamWipe API are designed to automatically protect a site from spam comments, posts, track-backs, ping-backs and the like. Hooray!