The Latest News On The API Economy

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Daily API RoundUp: Photoroom, Calendso, Carbon LDP, StatsNite

Seven APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Images, Scheduling and Games. Included is an API for simplifying the creation of applications with linked data, and an API that removes the background of images. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.

Daily API RoundUp: PixelStix, Datalistic, Quandora, Alchemer, DoReMIR, HamDB

Eight APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Art, Surveys and Music. Highlights include an API for marine vessel data, and API for retrieveing mural data, an API for ham radio data, and an API for music intelligence. Here's a look at the new additions.

14 Most Popular Art APIs

Art is all over the internet, and developers wishing to tap into art content for application creation should check out ProgrammableWeb for the best Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, to access it. In this article we highlight 14 of the most popular Art APIs from the directory.

10 Most Popular APIs for Photos

Digital cameras and mobile phones have transformed the photography world. Developers wanting to tap into that enormous area should check out the resources on ProgrammableWeb, including over 500 APIs. In this article we highlight the ten most popular Photos APIs based on our user's interest.

13 Top Recognition APIs

Recent technology backed by machine learning is making it possible to recognize people and objects from images, videos, sounds, body parts, speech, phrases, characters, even typing. Developers can find over two-hundred APIs for Recognition on ProgrammableWeb. Here are some top choices.

Google Adds Quick, Draw! API

In 2016 Google released Quick, Draw!, a digital version of Pictionary that uses machine learning to guess what users are drawing in their browser. Google is now providing the entire data set behind this algorithm as an open source API, allowing developers to research the way people draw.