The Latest News On The API Economy

Searching: No Search Term , Filtered By Category: "Browsers", Category: "Automation", Category: "Tools" Announced Gloo v1.0

One of's flagship products, Gloo, is now production-ready as version 1.0. Gloo is a cloud-native API gateway and ingress controller built on Envoy Proxy. Its goal is to connect, secure, and control all application traffic. is hosting a demo webinar December 5th.

Firefox 70 Release full of API Updates

Firefox 70.0 is here and stable. Along with a host of bug fixes, and feature updates; Firefox 70 includes many API changes. Specifically, the DOM; Workers/service workers; Media, WebAudio, and WebRTC; and Canvas and WebGL APIs were all updated with bug fixes, changes, and new features.

Supercharge Excel Spreadsheets with Dashdash

Dashdash announced its latest spreadsheet superpower tool. Dashdash templates provide users prebuilt, customizable tools to perform integrated functions directly within a spreadsheet. Templates add to the existing set of Excel automation tools that Dashdash introduced through Instant Integrations.

GitHub Integrates its Checks API with Pages

GitHub announced GitHub Pages is now integrated with the Checks API. This integration replaces the historical method of checking for build errors through the Statuses API. Statuses required developers to wait for an email with error information; whereas, Checks allows troubleshooting along the way.

Apollo Announces Managed Federation

It's been a big year for Apollo. First, it launched its GraphQL platform. Then, it launched an open-source tool in Apollo Federation. Now, Apollo is adding the open-source technology to its core platform to greater ease usability and adoption of GraphQL in the enterprise through Managed Federation.

NPM Upgrades Enterprise JavaScript Toolset

NPM, a popular maker of JavaScript tools, has upgraded its flagship product: npm Enterprise. The focus of the upgrade increases security, compliance, and collaboration. Package filtering increases compliance, expanded SSO increases security, and UM improvements help scale collaboration.

Daily API RoundUp: Contrast Security, Foreman, Tickeron

Fourteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including DevOps, Politics, and Security. Highlights include the Checkly API for monitoring APIs and the Contrast Security API to help thwart cyber attacks on applications. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.

Postman Now Supports GraphQL

In the most recent Postman release, GraphQL is now supported. This feature has long been requested by Postman users. Postman indicated that GraphQL is the second most requested feature on its GitHub repository. Now, GraphQL is supported in multiple capacities in the early 7.2 Canary channel release.