The Latest News On The API Economy

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Apollo Launches its GraphQL Platform

Apollo is a premier name in GraphQL. The company has launched what it's calling its "flagship product." The Apollo GraphQL Platform serves as a marketplace of data and data services within organizations that leverage GraphQL. Apollo's tagline for the product says it all: "Do GraphQL right."

GraphQL APIs Now Configurable through Stackery

Stackery has expanded its serverless development toolkit through support of GraphQL. Now, developers can deploy AWS AppSync GraphQL APIs through Stackery. GraphQL resolvers can connect to backend data sources like DynamoDB tables, Lambda functions, and HTTP proxies. Check out the docs.

Google Promotes Chrome 68 to Stable Channel

Chrome 68 is now a stable channel for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The latest Chrome 68 release includes new features and bug fixes. Earlier this year, Google announced its intention to provide a "Not secure" warning on HTTP sites. That warning has been implemented in Chrome 68.