The Latest News On The API Economy

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LinkedIn Launches Business-focused Application Platform

The business networking site LinkedIn has now launched a new application platform they call InApps. It's an OpenSocial-based platform that enables third-party developers to create applications that get embedded into LinkedIn user's profiles. While this follows along the model used of Facebook, MySpace and host of other social platforms, it differs in its emphasis on being business centric in nature and, like the service itself, follows a much more controlled and button-downed approach. And like the LinkedIn API that we reported on last year, access is limited based on an approval process.

Wikia Search Launches Intelligent Search Extensions API

Wikia Search has announced a new feature called Wikia Intelligent Search Extensions, or WISE, which founder Jimmy Wales likens to "Facebook Apps for search results." The new platform allows third parties to build applications, called WISEApps, that Wikia Search users can enable in their accounts and which add additional functionality to relevant search results (more at our Wikia API profile). For example, the results for an ordinary search for "Chicago weather" will include a link to, but if the user enables the WISEApp, the search result will include a full graphical five-day weather forecast.

Defensio API Wants to Defend Your Site Against Spam

Defensio, the anti-spam service, offers an API that can be integrated into blogs and web sites to fight spam comments and other unwanted spam (details at our Defension API profile). The service appears to be run by a small team, and is similar in purpose to Akismet, the much larger spam filtering service from Automattic (which powers, who also offer an anti-spam API.

Skydeck API Fuses Mobile Phones and Social Networking

Skydeck announced their new APIs, with the objective of enabling developers to create applications that integrate personal cell phone data into their daily online experience, including email and calendars, Facebook, MySpace, and Salesforce. "Very few developers have ever had the chance to work with cell phone data, so we're excited to see what people come up with."

Tangler: An API for Discussion Forums

Tangler, an online network of discussion forums, recently announced their new API. The Tangler service takes traditional discussion forums to a new level, by allowing anyone to easily set up a discussion forum that can grow to include hundreds of topics and thousands of users.

Google Friend Connect: Make Any Site Social

Google announced Friend Connect today, a new service that will allow any web site to enable social networking features for their visitors. And the key piece of the strategy is that to do so only takes a few lines code, similar to the ease with which AdSense ads can be to any web page.