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LoginRadius Adds Login with Amazon, Platform Now Serves Over 50,000 Sites and Reaches 10 Million Users Per Month

LoginRadius, a leading software as a service (SaaS) provider of social infrastructure, has announced the addition of "Login with Amazon" to the LoginRadius social infrastructure platform. The LoginRadius platform and Unified Social API features social login with 29 ID providers, single sign-on, user profile data, friend invite, social analytics, social sharing and more.

An App That Always Remembers A Face: Animetrics Face Recognition API

Animetrics, a leading developer of 2D to 3D face recognition and face creation solutions, provides the Animetrics Face Recognition that can be used to detect human faces in pictures and match them against a set of known or documented faces. This tool is specifically useful for applications for the fashion and online entertainment industries, or for law enforcement or military intelligence where accurate identity resolution is a necessity.

PassDefense API: Reliable Security For Your Web Users

Developers know the importance of internet security and being able to offer their users high standard password information protection. PassDefense is an application that offers developers a solution that enables them to authenticate and secure user data. The PassDefense API provides access to it's data, making it possible to create and authenticate users, send and retrieve data and more.

Stormpath Uses New Funding to Enhance API

Stormpath, user management and authentication service, recently announced a new round of funding that will allow it to enhance the Stormpath API. The Stormpath team believes that its API presents a disruptive technology that empowers developers at the SMB level through technology not available to enterprises utilizing legacy tools and software.

Maluuba Introduces Natural Language Understanding API, Bringing Voice Recognition Technology to Third-Party Apps

Maluuba is a company that has created a patent-pending, voice recognition and language engine. According to Crunchbase, Samsung Ventures funded $2 million to Maluuba in February 2012, and the Maluuba language engine "is a product of two years of advanced research in artificial intelligence, machine learning and linguistics." Yesterday, Maluuba announced the introduction of a preview alpha release of what the company describes as the "first of its kind" natural language understanding API (nAPI). Brings Mood Detection to its 20,656 Developers

Finally, you have definitive proof that your significant other is only 52% happy. Face detection and recognition service has been busy since it launched its free API a year ago. The company has been adding servers to handle the load of the over 20,000 developers who signed up. It's also been adding features, the most recent the ability to detect the mood of a face, along with a confidence rating.

Don't Take that Tone With Me, Says your AI Chinese Language Coach

AISpeech is the API behind a Chinese language and pronunciation learning website, AIChinese. You may know that Chinese is a tonal language. Where tones and inflection are used in English to convey emotion or differentiate between a declarative statement and a question, in tonal languages like Chinese, different tones on the same syllable can be altogether different words. The AISpeech API gives you access to a language processing engine which is capable of detecting spoken words and evaluating if the appropriate tone is used.

Object Recognition Is A Snap With Kooaba's Photo API

Kooaba offers image recognition through its Kooaba API, allowing you to compile metadata on objects in your photos. This can be used for product recognition and pricing, but could also be used to augment personal photo collections, which can be so large that they are nearly impossible to search by hand. There are tons of use cases for image recognition and this API should really open up the field and bring more applications to market. Free Face Recognition API for Photos

Access to software that performs complex operations has been, and can still be, costly. Paying for expensive licenses can mean an alternative solution has to be sought or worse still, a feature won't be developed at all. Thanks to virtualization and a many other cloud features, we've seen these complex operations offered as services at a fraction of the cost. One such complex operation is that of facial recognition. This software hasn't seemed accessible at all with only applications such as Google Picasa, Apple's iPhoto, Facebook and more recently XBox Kinect being the most obvious examples where it has been used. These are big companies with big money to spend. This now changes as is offering a free to use face recognition API for photos.

Social Logins Made Easy with Janrain

User authentication in apps is a pain, even if you've built an authentication system dozens of times. Forms, sessions, user tables, validation, password management, the list goes on in the seemingly never-ending to-do list for setting up a simple signup, login, and logout system for your app. OpenID company Janrain makes it easier, building on top of social networks. Opens Free Facial Recognition API

We all know we can search web pages for text, but many services are looking to go above and beyond with features like location and face tagging. The big downside to these features is that they rely on end users have to manually enter in the appropriate data. Really, when was the last time you tagged all the people in the 200 photos you just uploaded to Facebook? To help automate the process of face recognition, have just opened their API.