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Tap Me Launches iPhone Ad Platform, Plans API

There are a number of advertising networks available for mobile applications, but game company Tap Me is creating one specifically for game developers. Tap Me has launched its iPhone SDK today, with plans to support other platforms soon, including a generic API that will allow developers full control of how advertisements are included in their games. Rather than simply provide display advertising, Tap Me ties the ads into in-game actions, with brands able to be integrated deeper into games.

Facebook Credits Comes Out of Beta, Unveils a Very Real API for Somewhat Less Real Money

After beta testing for almost a year, the Facebook Credits API is finally being opened to all developers. Before beta testing the service had been in very limited alpha testing for over six months before that. On July 1st, more than two years after the social networking site started working on the system, all Facebook-based games that process payments will be required to use only Facebook Credits. The 350 applications granted early access already account for 70% of such transactions. Facebook credits can be purchased by users at a rate of $0.10 each (with an additional 10 free when buying 100) and redeemed by application developers for $0.07, leaving Facebook with the balance.

Creately Defines Its Own "Web File" With New API

Online diagramming service Creately opened its Creately API to the public this month, and with some surprisingly innovative features. While providing obvious features to make its service available to outside developers, and several "above and beyond" features, such as easy embedding of diagrams, Creately has done something fairly unique: open up its own, web-based file format for other developers to use.

Jigsaw Launches API for Company Contact Database

Jigsaw, has announced additions to their RESTful JSON and XML API as well as a developer program designed to enable developers to query, share, and resell Jigsaw’s community-contributed database of company data and contact information. They came onto the API scene in June 2008 with their declaration of "Data Independence Day", which focused on providing free access to their database of company information (more details at our Jigsaw API Profile).

3 New APIs for Gamers: World of Warcraft in 3D, LEGO and GamePro

One of the most active categories of APIs added to our web service directory was the games category. 3 of the 10 latest APIs were game or toy-related. There's a new API for accessing 3D data for World of Warcraft, an API for LEGO information, and an API that gets you information on 11,000 game titles from 20 different game platforms. This means there are now 30 game-related APIs in our directory. Here are more details on each of the latest (have fun):

Embed Flash Games via the HeyZap API

The goal of HeyZap is to be the "YouTube of casual gaming" by giving site publishers a way to embed more than 6000 casual Flash games into their sites with a single embed code. Their business model (more detail from TechCrunch) is to collect revenue from ads within the games using the MochiAds ad platform and share some of that with developers. The publishers using the code don't get revenue, but get increased traffic to their sites.

Spore API Contest Challenges Developers to Have Some Fun

If you like online games and you like programming, the growing number of games with open APIs is a boon. We now over 20 games-related APIs in our directory. The latest entry is for the new API for Spore, the Electronic Arts Maxis game where players can create their own creatures. The API provides developers with the capability to create mashups and applications that access the Spore database of user creations and information about the creators themselves (see our new Spore API profile for details).

3 Mapping APIs Combined to Create 3D Virtual Driving Simulator

Following-up on yesterday's post on the best new mashups, here is another notable mashup from this past week, yesterday's Mashup of the Day: Gaiagi Driver. What is it? It's a mashed-up 3D driving simulator that uses a lot of web APIs across multiple windows to create a unique driving experience. Give it a starting and ending address and it follows the path created by the directions and shows your present position in four different views: