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Netflix Gains Significantly by Moving its API to the Cloud

Organizations continue to grapple with making a choice between building their own data center or using a public cloud infrastructure. It sure helps to learn about successful case studies of mainstream companies making a successful move to the cloud. Netflix, with a popular Netflix API of its own, has turned to a cloud provider to scale many areas of the video streaming company's service.

Plan Your Cloudstock Hackathon App, Registration Opening Soon

The hackathon we are co-hosting at the Woodstock for Cloud Developers is only a week away. It's not too early to start thinking about the application you might build using partner APIs. And with Hackathon registration opening soon, you might also think about who to invite to join your team. Below you'll find some more information about hackathon guidelines and prizes, as well as a list of some of the eligible APIs you can use in your app.

NASDAQ Continues the Data as a Service Trend

Over the past few months at PW we've noticed steady increase in the number of mentions of Data as a Service (DaaS) and this trend looks to continue. Our first post on the subject was by a guest author Pete Soderling who introduced us to the concept and discussed pricing models. Then we continued the theme by posting about a partnership between a stock data site and an open data platform, working together to deliver a stock historical data API. The latest big move in this area sees NASDAQ creating a Data-On-Demand service accessible through a Web API.

Transloadit API Offers Photo and Video Processing As a Service

Transloadit offers media upload, modification, and storage as a service for developers who need that functionality (or, as Transloadit's homepage puts it, "geeks who run web or mobile applications") but don't want to worry about it themselves. There aren't too many moving parts to it, but they're ones a lot of applications make use of. The Transloadit API's main functions include: file upload, image resizing, video file encoding, image thumbnail creations, and file storage on Amazon S3.

Towards Interoperability of Clouds with DeltaCloud

When Amazon announced a public beta of its cloud computing infrastructure in 2006, it was the beginning of the new computing era in which you can consume and pay for computing resources per use. Today we have a lot of public clouds, however, when you build and deploy your application you are often bound to a single cloud provider through its proprietary API. DeltaCloud provides you with unified API across major cloud providers that you can use to manage your virtual machines in major clouds such as EC2 or Rackspace.

Data as a Service: Pricing Models for the Future of Data

Arguably, brought the software-as-a-service (SaaS) concept mainstream. Today, if software isn't available as a service, it's considered old school. But software -- as a service or not -- is just a container. What makes software valuable has always been what it does to data. Now, in the same spirit of service-oriented architectures and SaaS, a new concept is emerging, Data-as-a-Service (DaaS).

Enole: Single Sign-on for the Real World

Your phone may soon be all you will ever need to carry around. Up until now, your online identity and the real world hasn't mixed. We have ways of authenticating offline and different methods online. Enole is trying to fix that, with an uncomplicated RESTful web service that enables developers to store user details alongside a mobile device ID.

7 Ways to Beat the Glut of Cloud APIs

Cloud computing is big right now, but the sheer number of options, and the lack of interoperability, can be an issue for developers. There are a number of projects that can reduce, or even eliminate, some of these problems by exposing the functionality of a number of cloud service providers through a consistent interface. Here is a list of 7 such projects.