The Latest News On The API Economy

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Mashups for Lawyers

Quick note on a story run yesterday over at by John K. Waters: Mashups to Re-Map the Legal Tech Market?. It seems that the first "legal-tech mashup" might be a Google Maps feature added to the Lawbase software suite from 25-year-old vendor Synaptec Software. 

We All Work for Google

That is the message from Quentin Hardy's interesting article in the current issue of Forbes: The Google Industrial Complex. He makes a good case for it. "Every time you run a Google search, you make its brain more powerful.

NYC in the Movies Mashup

This fall the New York City Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting will celebrate its 40th anniversary with the publication of a book, Scenes From The City, and a series cultural events across the city. But in addition they have created an excellent web mashup: Scenes from the City Interactive Map.

On Bastard Apps

Duane Merrill over at IBM's Developerworks just posted this good introductory overview Mashups: The new breed of Web app. He covers the various genres and the technologies used.

The WeatherMole Story

Just a quick pointer to a fun writeup by Jenny Shank about her husband Julien's experiences of creating and publicizing the very good mashup WeatherMole. The second segment of the story is a great account of the cycle of publicity that many mashups hope for.