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The Listrak API for Ecommerce: Winning Customer Loyalty and Expanding the Base

Listrak is an email marketing company solely focused on the ecommerce channel. By getting to know their clients in depth, reviewing clickstream data and transactional history, and plotting customers on a lifecycle grid, Listrak is focused on delivering two things, according to CEO Ross Kramer, "help our customers acquire more new customers, and sell more to existing customers." The Listrak SOAP API makes automation of managing email campaigns easier.

Is Your Business More Productive? Check! Checkmarkable API

Many of us have far too much on our minds and are often juggling various commitments at once. The humble checklist is an effective tool in the process of dividing to-do lists into practical steps, making our general existence a lot more productive. Checkmarkable is an online service that follows this very principle but is aimed at business processes in particular. Checkmarkable also provides the Checkmarkable API which makes this functionality available to developers who may want to integrate it with other applications.