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GoMummy API: Shopping Heaven For Mums

For busy mums with equally busy and demanding little ones, anything that can add convenience and simplicity to the everyday routine is a winner. One area where convenience is key, is shopping. GoMummy is an online flash sales shopping website for mums and kids, aimed at making the process easy and hassle free. The company now provides the GoMummy API which makes it possible for developers to take the idea even further by integrating the functionality with new websites and applications.

Restaurant Ratings By Real Restaurant Goers: MenuMania API

For those who love good food and great dining, a good restaurant guide is key. What would be even better is if that guide could tell you where the restaurant is, what it has on offer and what everybody's saying about it. That's pretty much what MenuMania does; it's a customisable, community-based restaurant guide for discovering new places to eat within New Zealand. MenuMania also provides the MenuMania API, allowing developers to access the database of restaurant information for display on other websites and applications.

Lager Lovers Unite: TheBeerSpot API

Many a man (or woman) holds a deep passion for a good brew, and when faced with beer-themed conversation, would probably have a lot to say on the matter. So, where better to invest some time and intellect than an online community of enthusiasts, dedicated to all things beer? TheBeerSpot is just that - a place where the every day beer drinker, home brewers and people in the industry can connect and share anything beer related. TheBeerSpot API is available so that this data can be displayed or used on other websites or applications.

Cogix: Rate This

Cogix Ratings API facilitates creating ratings for content. In fact, it looks like you can use it to rate anything, not just traditional content such as photos, videos and articles, but products as well. Questionnaires for ratings use their product, ViewsFlash. According to the Cogix webpage about the API, content of the form is sent using HTTP after being modified with Javascript.

Best New Mashups: Finding Popular Sites, Songs and Cities

Sometimes, when assessing a website, it helps to know how popular it is. These days, there are a lot of ways to learn this, including a few recent mashups. There are also other apps that assess popularity, using different APIs and analysis to do so. Below we have a selection of some of the recent mashups that dig into determining ranking and popularity.

3 Ways to Track Your Rank on Twitter

Do you use Twitter? Then you really must find out where you fare in these Twitter mashups, which use your tweets, your followers and a number of other factors to determine your rank (or so the following services want you to do). The results are indisputable, but if you don't like what one has to say, try another!