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The Fareclock API: The Face (Recognition) of Modern Times

The Fareclock REST API, returning data in JSON, available on its pro service only, allows you to integrate this time clock into other applications. We previously wrote about the implications of how crowded the face recognition space is with 38 APIs in our directory, suggesting among other things that it isn't clear how so many companies offering the technology will maintain an edge and survive. But Fareclock represents a different breed of business design: use facial recognition to create an app, in this case a time clock that employees can punch, that in turn can be used via an API.

Google Maps API Adds Time Zone Functionality

On its Geo Developers Blog, Google announced time zone functionality for the Google Maps API. Developers around the globe have exhaled a sigh of relief, as time zone functionality has either kept them up at night, required extensive programming, or remained just a bit outside of an apps functionality because it wasn't mandatory (but sure would have been nice).