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DoneDone API Enables Collaborative Issue Tracking

DoneDone, issue tracking service, offers the DoneDone API that enables developers to include DoneDone's feature set via existing workflows and third party applications. DoneDone's premier goal is to streamline and simplify projects and eliminate the use of spreadsheets, sticky notes, email chains and other traditional forms of cumbersome notes and reminders.

PW Interview: Nathan Kontny's Draft Takes on Google, Microsoft, Apple.

Nathan Kontny is out to revise how you write, especially when you work with others. His online word processing program, Draft boasts features you can't find in any other wordprocessor--like a professional editing service, for example. We began this PW exclusive interview via email. But in what might be the first time ever, we decided to switch to using the very tool he was being interviewed about, and write the rest of it on Draft.

HackPad API: A Handy Tool For Document Collaboration

Taking notes, sharing thoughts with a team or others who may be interested, bouncing ideas around or working on quickly getting a job done; all these things are so easily accomplished with the help of a live group word processing tool. HackPad offers just this. It's a lightweight collaborative tool that allows users to invite other users and edit documents in real time. What's even better is that the availability of the HackPad API means that it's possible to integrate this functionality into other sites.

Onehub API: Serious Security For File Sharing

For large companies who require the constant transfer of files and private information, the need for a system that can store, organise and share files quickly and efficiently is paramount; and even more so, the need for that system to be safe and secure. Onehub is a file sharing application that puts security and a high level of control over file sharing at the forefront, making it an attractive solution for companies who need to share sensitive business information. Onehub also provides the Onehub API that enables developers to access this data on behalf of a client.

Convo API: Communication Gets The Job Done

In order to get a campaign or project off the ground quickly and efficiently, careful management of the creative and technical process is essential in order to avoid big mistakes and missed deadlines. And, of course, the very thing that holds it all together is clear communication. That's where an app like Convo is really handy - it's a cloud-based, interactive workspace for business, where teams can collaborate and have real-time conversations. Convo's API makes it possible for this functionality to be integrated with other applications.

karmadata Launches New Website and API Providing Users Access to Public and Private Industry Data

karmadata, a collaborative information service and platform, announced the launch of the new karmadata website and industry data platform at the 2013 Data 2.0 Summit that took place in San Francisco on April 30th. In addition, karmadata announced the launch of the brand new karmadata API that provides developers access to standardized linked data sets for specific industries including Energy, Healthcare, Legal, Technology and Socioeconomics. API: More Do Equals More Done

It all comes down to simply getting the job done. The bigger the job or team, the trickier the co-ordinating can become, and anyone who's ever had to manage a team and attain goals or rushed deadlines will know the importance of dotting every "i" and crossing every "t". Thanks to technology and clever development, we have access to applications that help to streamline this very process. is one of those; a project management and collaboration application designed to help teams accomplish a number of tasks.'s API also makes this functionality available to developers who may want to integrate this with other applications or build new ones.

Sunglass API: the Google Docs for 3D Objects

CAD tools have assisted architects and engineers in product development for decades. Despite their widespread adoption and usefulness, two aspects of CAD tools remain pretty consistent across the CAD landscape: high costs and proprietary software. Sunglass aims to alleviate both pains of traditional CAD tools through the Sunglass API. Sunglass co-founder and CEO, Kaustuv DeBiswas, asserts: "We don't want to compete on a feature-by-feature basis" with traditional CAD tools.  Rather, the Sunglass API constitutes a collaboration tool that serves "as the bridge for sharing 3D product design data and for managing version control for engineers and colleagues working across different systems."

Improve Business Productivity With Online Collaboration Platforms

For the past few years there has been a sharp rise in self-employed workers as well as workers who perform the majority of their duties from home. Many companies have workers scattered across the globe, making efficient online communication and collaboration an absolute necessity. This post highlights several feature packed and versatile online project management and collaboration platforms.

Creately Defines Its Own "Web File" With New API

Online diagramming service Creately opened its Creately API to the public this month, and with some surprisingly innovative features. While providing obvious features to make its service available to outside developers, and several "above and beyond" features, such as easy embedding of diagrams, Creately has done something fairly unique: open up its own, web-based file format for other developers to use.