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Wikia Search Launches Intelligent Search Extensions API

Wikia Search has announced a new feature called Wikia Intelligent Search Extensions, or WISE, which founder Jimmy Wales likens to "Facebook Apps for search results." The new platform allows third parties to build applications, called WISEApps, that Wikia Search users can enable in their accounts and which add additional functionality to relevant search results (more at our Wikia API profile). For example, the results for an ordinary search for "Chicago weather" will include a link to, but if the user enables the WISEApp, the search result will include a full graphical five-day weather forecast.

Huddle API: Facebook Meets Sharepoint

Huddle, the online project management and group collaboration service, has been releasing new Huddle API updates quite frequently. Huddle employs an agile development process with a two-week release cycle, so Huddle users and community developers are becoming accustomed to seeing new features and bug fixes regularly. We've created a new Huddle API profile to track this API.

Virtual Earth Aerial Photography Now Available for Purchase

Earlier this week Microsoft announced that it is making some of the imagery used in its Virtual Earth platform available for purchase (more on Virtual Earth in our VE SDK profile). The imagery, taken with Microsoft's proprietary UltraCam shown below is available for approximately 200 cities (in high resolution and averaging less than two years old).

3 Ways to Improve Your Map Mashup

Map mashups continue to be extremely popular, as evidenced by the high percentage of mapping APIs in our API Directory and map mashups in our Mashup Directory. Whether you're just getting started with map mashups, or you're a veteran map mashup developer, there are several tools out there that can help with your development efforts.

UK Government Moves Forward with Data Sharing, APIs, and Mashup Contest

As reported by the BBC, the UK government has established a task force, aptly named the Power of Information Task Force, to lead a massive data sharing effort. The task force was established in March of this year by Cabinet Office Minister Tom Watson with the goal of fostering social and economic progress by enabling widespread access to government data.

Data Portability and Pushability with Gnip

Gnip today announced a much needed piece of the web services infrastructure - a proxy service that sits between Data Publishers (like Digg, Flickr, and Twitter) and Data Consumers (like Plaxo and MyBlogLog) as a means to make moving structured data between services more efficient, flexible and scalable.