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KarmaCRM API: The Magic Ingredient For Successful Sales

For those in the sales game, more is obviously better, but the success of generating hundreds of promising leads can be tainted by the problems that arise in managing and keeping track of those leads efficiently. Client Relationship Management (CRM) systems exist to tackle this very issue, however, a lot of them have proved to be either too complex or simply insufficient. Karma is a CRM that aims to provide the perfect balance between relevant features and simple usability in order to create a tool that promotes better business. The company has also released the KarmaCRM API which is great news for developers who want to integrate its functionality with other applications.

Contactually API: Keeping In Touch With The Most Important People In Your Business - The Customers

Staying in touch with customers is essential to building lucrative relationships and encouraging repeat business. With hundreds of jobs or sales on the go, and countless emails arriving in the inbox daily, it can become easy for companies to let some slip through the cracks. Contactually is a customer relationship management system, designed to provide businesses with a tool that helps them to stay relevant in their customers' lives. Contactually's API allows third party developers to access this functionality and integrate it with other applications.

CardShark API Enhances Existing Contact Applications with OCR Functionality

FullContact has announced the CardShark API. The CardShark API allows users to "to send images of business cards to FullContact, and...receive back a response containing transcribed structured contact data." The advantage the API method of optical character recognition over competitors lies in the ability to send contacts to devices and applications beyond the device that captured the initial picture.