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No More Nasty Cab Fare Surprises: TaxiMe API

Getting from A to B in the most cost effective way can be difficult if you're just guessing as you go. TaxiMe is an application that provides users with cost estimates for cab fares and trip information for major cities in the U.S. and Canada. This means users can plan their journeys beforehand and know exactly what the costs involved will amount to. TaxiMe's API allows access to cab contacts and rates for these different cities.

Home Appraisals Made Easy With The Eppraisal API

Whether buying or selling a house, refinancing or just curious about the state of the property market, many people wouldn't know where to start when trying to determine the true value of a property. There are so many factors that play a role in getting to this figure, and a tool that could lay it all out clearly for the user would definitely be a bonus. The Eppraisal API may do the trick.

Amazon Glacier Puts Your Data on Ice for Pennies

This week, Amazon announced a new addition to their AWS web service Amazon Glacier, which offers "extremely low cost archive storage" and easy setup for anyone already familiar with AWS. Though the pricing model seems convoluted, the continued expansion of Amazon's cloud computing services is good news for developers.