The Latest News On The API Economy

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CR8 Aims to Ride 3D Printing into Mainstream

Last month, ProgrammableWeb caught up with Alessandro Usseglio Viretta of CR8 • CREATE who deployed the first 3D printing API on Mashape. Three-dimensional printing continues to dominate headlines and cause disruption. As we close 2013, PW followed up with Viretta to discuss his API and get some insight into an emerging technology that is bound to stir the waters in 2014.

AppDirect Launches Series of Marketplace APIs

AppDirect, cloud service marketplace and management platform, has launched a series of APIs that opens the doors to its entire AppDirect platform. The result of the APIs allows any service provider that desires to open an app marketplace to rely on AppDirect for all of the back-end heavy lifting, so the marketplace developer can concentrate on a customized front-end and end user experience. From sign-on to billing, AppDirect's entire platform can now drive third party marketplaces.

Printful API: Online Selling Without The Hassles

Printful, a drop shipping service for custom print products and a product of the same team who created Startup Vitamins and, has provided the Printful API that will allow people to easily integrate the functionality with their websites and applications. The service is specifically aimed at small and medium websites that want to offer print products, but don't want to handle the fulfillment and shipping of those products.

The Dataplug API Ships What Matters Most: Great Customer Service

Dataplug is for businesses that ship using multiple carriers and need to manage which orders should be shipped via which carrier. The legacy solution of course is manual entry: sort the orders according to carrier and then enter them into the different carrier websites. Beyond costing time and money, it creates a customer service nightmare when a customer wants to track a package. "Which carrier did we send that on, again," the operator might be wondering. Dataplug finesses all that, right down to the tracking, done all in one place--and customers can go to your site and track packages  themselves.