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The Dataplug API Ships What Matters Most: Great Customer Service

Dataplug is for businesses that ship using multiple carriers and need to manage which orders should be shipped via which carrier. The legacy solution of course is manual entry: sort the orders according to carrier and then enter them into the different carrier websites. Beyond costing time and money, it creates a customer service nightmare when a customer wants to track a package. "Which carrier did we send that on, again," the operator might be wondering. Dataplug finesses all that, right down to the tracking, done all in one place--and customers can go to your site and track packages  themselves.

MailWriter API: For The Love Of Sending Letters

Despite the fact that we now live in a world where communication is very much digital and paper trails are rapidly diminishing, there are still instances where physical mail is necessary and there are many who may even prefer the personal touch of a good old fashioned letter or postcard. MailWriter brings the convenience of online, digital functionality to the process of sending letters. It's a cloud mailing service that allows users to create and send letters, postcards or complete mailings directly from whatever device they're working from. The MailWriter API makes this functionality available to be integrated into other websites and applications as well.

Postmaster Announces Carrier Integration Partner and New Funding

We first brought news of Postmaster a few months ago. Since then, the Postmaster API has gained new customers and Postmaster has raised significant capital from eager investors. Along with its recent success, Postmaster announced its first major shipping partner to use the Postmaster API for its services. Lone Star Overnight (LSO) white labels the Postmaster portal for access to its entire suite of features.

Creative Market Launches Photoshop Extension, Announces Upcoming Release of New API

Creative Market, an online marketplace featuring handcrafted design content such as graphics, templates, themes and fonts, has just announced the upcoming release of the new Creative Market API which allows developers to integrate the Creative Market platform into websites, applications and other services. Creative Market also launched a new Photoshop extension that uses the Creative Market API to provide Photoshop users access to premium design content from within the Photoshop program.

Postmaster Launches API for Easier Integration of Shipping Carriers in eCommerce Platforms

Postmaster, a cloud-based, small package shipping platform for SMBs and eCommerce companies, has announced the launch of the public beta version of the Postmaster API. The Postmaster API was designed to allow easy integration of multiple shipping carriers into e-commerce systems as well as to help companies save time and money throughout the entire shipping process.

Straightforward Shipping With EasyPost's API

Adding shipping and posting functionalities to your applications may be necessary for your what you're trying to achieve, but it may not always be a quick and easy process. EasyPost is a posting and shipping service specifically designed for applications, saving developers some very valuable development time. The EasyPost API makes it possible for developers to access this functionality and easily integrate it with other applications.

Bongo International API: Opening Up Even More Shopping Avenues To Online Consumers

Those already keen participants in the online sopping world know the advantages of having such a broad range of products and services at their fingertips. They'll also know, however, the limitations experienced when an online store in a different country doesn't offer international shipping; frustrating to say the least. Bongo International exists to address this issue. The service makes international cross border eCommerce transactions a reality for both consumers and businesses. Bongo International's API makes this functionality available to be integrated with other applications.

The Aftership API: Great Customer Service on Shipping for Online Retailers

Great customer service has long been a competitive advantage for any business. But for online merchants, that can take up valuable extra time, as customers wonder where their packages are.  Amazon's massive online retail business has done many things, such as famously upended the book industry. It's also  changed customer expectations--free shipping (or shipping by subscription), fast delivery, giving customers the ability to track with a click of a button. It puts the mom-and-pop online stores--and many other large operations--at a disadvantage. Aftership provides the Aftership API to help level the playing field.

Streamlining Fleet Management: Shaw Tracking Hours Of Service API

In the world of fleet management, incorrect data can cost a company a lot of time and money, and in some current systems the potential for error is a little too high. Shaw Tracking's Hours Of Service (HOS) web service is an electronic on-board recording system that allows dispatchers to monitor real-time driving hours and access information such as driver logs, odometer readings, any violations and more. It's an efficient solution to the problems caused by other inaccurate manual log systems. The company makes this data available to developers via the SOAP-based HOS API.

Zinc API Enables Online Retail at Any Scale

Zinc bridges the gap between bloggers and content creators and the retailers that sell the products reviewed and covered. The Zinc API allows anyone with an online presence to add a few lines of code to a site or app and seamlessly add ordering functionality. Zinc integrates with various online retailers; so, readers/consumers no longer need to leave a site to order a product from a major online retailer.

Process and Track Orders Across Multiple Sites and Apps with ShippingEasy

ShippingEasy consists of a cloud-based platform that allows online merchants to manage the processing and tracking of orders from a single interface. Merchants can integrate shipping information from multiple sites (e.g. eBay, personal site, physical warehouse, etc.) with the same interface and shop rates across various carrier lines. In addition to over ten existing integrations with e-commerce sites (e.g. Magento, eBay, Shopify, etc.), ShippingEasy offers a custom API that allows developers to incorporate the ShippingEasy platform into third party apps and sites. API: It's Got the Postage Meter Licked

It's not enough to print stamps off your printer any more. What shippers really want is what the SOAP-based API does: integrate that function of printing postage into your own web-based ecommerce or web hosted applications to speed up the shipment of orders out the door. With the API you can do much more than calculate postage and print stamps. You can clean addresses and track packages, among other tasks.

Quote, Book, and Track Shipments via Any App with Temando API

Who hasn't packed a box full of items and wondered: "How much is this going to cost to ship?" Temando offers the service that we've all wished for at some point in our lives: enter the dimensions of a box, where its shipping from and to, and receive a freight quote from more than 200 carriers. Temando takes its service a step further through the Temando API offering that allows businesses or individuals to integrate Temando functionality with third party apps, websites, and platforms.

Prosperent and CloudFlare Partner to Easily Monetize any Website

Prosperent (quickly growing ad network) and CloudFlare (content delivery network focused on low touch app launches) have announced a partnership aimed at quickly monetizing websites without complicated development work. The partnership is simple, seems obvious, and should intrigue developers across many markets. Most importantly, the partnership should create new ways for anybody/any company with an online presence to make money. Check out the PW profiles for the Prosperent API and the CloudFlare API.