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Google Introduces Web Share API

Google has introduced a Web Share API developers can use to enable sharing capabilities on sites. The API allows users to control how and where data is shared by enabling websites to call on the host platform’s native sharing capabilities. The API can only be used on websites with a secure origin.

Abra Mobile Websites API: Go Mobile Or Go Home Abra Mobile Websites

Having a great website that is informative and engaging is no longer enough these days. Your customers are on the go, and with their trusty IOS or Android devices in their hands, they're accustomed to interacting on the move and getting the information they need instantly and in real-time. GunDog Labs' mobile website builder product, Abra, helps businesses get with the programme by offering them a mobile website creation platform that helps make their existing sites more mobile friendly. Abra's Mobile Websites API allows developers to access this functionality and integrate it with other applications or build mobile websites.

Myna A/B Testing API: The Bird That Tests Your Website Fast Myna

Myna specializes in A/B testing of websites, using multi armed bandit algorithms to learn on the fly. This means fewer page views are required for testing, which means faster learning, faster ROI. The result, Myna says, is increased conversions. The RESTful Myna API returns JSON and JSONP responses. It uses basic access authentication. On the API website it shows how to implement the API in HTML, Javascript and other languages, as well as how experiments are identified by UUIDs (universally unique identifiers), which show up on your testing dashboard and are needed by the API.

Web Crawling Powerhouse Datafiniti To Provide Web's Datasets via SQL Datafiniti

If there’s a new dawn in the age of search, Datafiniti is the sun. They are the first to take a new and profound approach to search in years. Most search engines return a list of links to web pages, but Datafiniti has much bigger plans. Instead of links, they return a set of data. A search for a burrito in Texas would give you a list of restaurants complete with goodies like reviews in addition to the important bits like name and address. The dataset itself has been out there for years, but its the aggregartion and presentation that’s different. With the Datafiniti API, it is now possible for developers to easily integrate that data into web applications.