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n0tice Promotes Open Journalism with Open API

In 2011, the Guardian launched its local messaging bulletin: n0tice. Although the platform encouraged open journalism, the Guardian has expanded the effort with the launch the n0tice API last week. The very premise of n0tice offers value from a locality perspective. With the open API, the value of the local bulletin can be integrated with any developer's application.

The Programmable Feed Reader

If you subscribe to a lot of RSS feeds, you may find yourself wanting to view only a subset of the content. You can organize by folder, but sometimes searching the feeds is the quickest way to get at what you seek. A new service from Q-Sensei is now bringing that feed search power to your applications via its Q-Sensei FeedBooster API.

Glug, Glug: Guzzle Ayup a Hosted PubSubHubbub Hub Service

PubSubHubbub has become the standard protocol for real-time RSS and Atom feed subscription and delivery. But not everybody wants to host their own PubSubHubbub hub in the same way that hardly anybody hosts their own website, and why cloud services in general have become so popular. Guzzle Ayup has entered the market to offer a hosted PubSubHubbub hub service.

Superfeedr Introduces Real-time Client Push Capabilities

Real-time feed parsing company Superfeedr just increased it's range of technology support which significantly increases the ease that developers can integrate with them. Developers can now connect to Superfeedr using only JavaScript. They appear to have covered all bases with this release by providing support for HTTP Streaming and WebSocket connections for real-time streams. Superfeedr aren't alone in offering real-time client push but they may well be the first to offer it as an extension of an existing service.

Real-time News Reader Shows Off Push-to-Browser

With the real-time web being claimed by some to be one of the core components of Web 3.0 it's unsurprising that we are seeing more real-time APIs and real-time mashups being developed. One mashup has just been created using Kwwika and Superfeedr to demonstrate how two real-time platforms can be integrated to create a real-time news reader application.

Google AJAX Feed API

Google this week announced the release of the Google AJAX Feed API. What is it? It's a JavaScript library that lets you mashup RSS and Atom feeds entirely on the client, thus no need for server-side coding.