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Avalanche Launches API for Dating Site Network

Avalanche, operator of 22 different online dating websites, has launched an API for its affiliate program (Online Dating Cash). Avalanche worked with partner Lead Wrench, lead distribution platform for internet marketers, to determine that API development fell under best practices when working with affiliate marketers.

Dating Made Easier for Foursquare Fans

Back in the day, you used to have to go through the arduous task of going out into the world, talking to a member of the opposite sex to determine common interests, and then make a leap of faith to begin the dating process. These days, thanks to the Foursquare API, we have a few apps that can help simplify the process.

Facebook Dating App Brings New Meaning to "Liking"

Like Me Date Me is a new dating site built on top of the Facebook Graph API, which provides search-able access to user profile information. The service displays a photo and limited profile information of whichever gender you want to see. As the name of the site implies, users can "like" others, which can then lead to more interaction. The ratings approach, encouraging snap judgments, is similar to HotOrNot, which also added an option to meet the people you rate.

Foursquare Gets Useful with WhereTheLadies.At

Yes, you read that title correctly. WhereTheLadies.At is, indeed, a thing that exists. Before you get start joking around, let's be honest. Checking in all the time on Foursquare has earned you nothing but Mayorships and a free slice of pizza every once in a while. Well, that's about to change.