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Leanpub API: Bringing Agile Development to Writers

The new Leanpub API helps authors publish their own work in ebook format and provides instant access to sales data. Leanpub is an online marketplace that enables writer’s to sell their ebooks in a variety of formats. Writers receive a 90% royalty (minus 50 cents) off each sale and are not prohibited from simulataneously selling their book on other marketplaces like Amazon. Unique to LeanPub, writers – particularly for computer programming books – are encouraged to publish works-in-progress and pivot their text based on reader feedback until they create a viable book product. To do this, Leanpub provides an editing language and self-publishing workflow that allows writers to submit their work and convert the material into several formats including PDF, EPUB and Kindle. The Leanpub API allows authors to manage their workflow direct from their preferred editor.

GoMummy API: Shopping Heaven For Mums

For busy mums with equally busy and demanding little ones, anything that can add convenience and simplicity to the everyday routine is a winner. One area where convenience is key, is shopping. GoMummy is an online flash sales shopping website for mums and kids, aimed at making the process easy and hassle free. The company now provides the GoMummy API which makes it possible for developers to take the idea even further by integrating the functionality with new websites and applications.

Easily Create eBooks from Web and Blog Content with Ebook Glue

Ebook Glue creates simple publishing tools that ease the process of readying content for electronic reading devices. Its flagship product, the Ebook Glue API, constitutes a straightforward tool that converts content to an ebook that its easily read on an ereader (iPad, Kindle, Nook, iPhone, Android device, etc.).  As long as the content can be sent over HTTP, Ebook Glue can convert content to an ebook.

Everybody Loves A Good Deal: RoyBoyDeals API

For those looking for value for money in Lexington and Central Kentucky, RoyBoyDeals is just the ticket. The service provides daily unbeatable deals on restaurants, spas, theatre shows, sports activities and more. The company also provides the RoyBoyDeals API and encourages third party developers to make use of it and integrate the functionality with other applications.

Who Says A Wedding On A Budget Can't Be Fabulous? Wedding Perks API

They don't call it 'the big day' for nothing. Everything about it is big, especially the price tag. Most bride-to-be's know the challenge of trying to force everything they've ever dreamed of into an unsympathetic budget. The good news is, there are ways around this problem, and with a bit of clever thinking and planning it's amazing how much money you can save. That's where New Zealand based, Bridal Fashion World's Wedding Perks comes in. It's a site that offers a carefully selected range of wedding service and product deals. Wedding Perks also provides the Wedding Perks API that allows developers access to deals through various HTTP calls.

Why Amazon Needs a Kindle API--and Will Never Have One

If the age-old proverb about not judging a book by its cover is true, should you also not judge an e-book by its e-reader, whether it's a Kindle, Nook, iDevice, or something else? If Texas-based BookShout has anything to say about it, you'll one day be able to use their platform to read any e-book content on any device, regardless of where you bought it. But the technology is still immature, and Amazon and other e-book retailers may continue to make things difficult for such content aggregators.

Bookboon Offers Free Textbooks Via Facebook API

While there’s lots of coverage to the impact of electronic distribution to the world of mainstream book publishing, Bookboon has been quietly transforming the world of textbook publishing. Bookboon uses a self-developed API to deliver their electronic books to Facebook users via their custom Facebook app. Additionally, they use the same API to make their titles available to partner bookstores, allowing resellers to integrate the Bookboon product line into a general catalog of available titles.

Readmill Creates a Social Platform for eReaders

Berlin start-up Readmill, is providing a platform for eBooks that connects readers regardless of what platform they are using. Readmill's core offering is a free bookreader that competes head to head with Amazon’s and Apple’s offerings. Unlike other eReaders, Readmill is based on a device-neutral, API-driven platform that integrates social recommendations, annotations and geolocation services.

Best New Mashups: Shopping Season

Thanksgiving is still two weeks away but it's never too early to start thinking about the upcoming gift giving season. Luckily, ProgrammableWeb is here to help you do a little planning and even save a few dollars in the process. These mashups all make use of the 8coupons API along with other APIs to bring users the most up to date deals in their neighborhoods.

Luzme Opens Up its eBook Pricing and Availability API

The eBook market is publishing's fastest growing sector with an ever increasing list of reading devices ranging from Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s iPad, a standard Mac or PC or any number of smaller mobile devices or tablet alternatives capable of viewing documents in a number of formats. Getting good data about eBook availability, format and pricing is hard; Luzme and its Luzme API make it easy.