The Latest News On The API Economy

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Netvibes Universal Widget API

As promised, the team at Netvibes, the very popular customizable homepage, has released the developer preview of their Universal Widget API (UWA). Widgets developed using this API work not only on Netvibes but many other widget platforms and blog systems: Google IG, Apple Dashboard, and so on.

Best New Mashups: War, Spam and Disease

Time once again to see what's most interesting from the latest set of mashups. And, as you can see from the post's title, a bit more serious in the subject matter this round. First some general ProgrammableWeb metrics: 1337 total, 174 in the past 30 days, and a 30 day average of 5.80/day. 

Mashup Contests and the diGGGadget

Continuing from yesterday's note on mashup contest news, there are more contest happenings: Google recently announced the winners for their desktop gadgets contest for mashups built using their Google Desktop API.