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Hunk Offers Big Data Analysis Muscle for Hadoop Systems

Big data platform Splunk has released an analytics product specifically to allow for on-the-fly analysis of data stored in Hadoop platforms. Under the sub-brand moniker “Hunk”, the Splunk-analytics-for-Hadoop product has been released today. Using the Splunk API along with a library of SDKs in popular develop languages including Javascript, Ruby and Python, users can point Hunk at any Hadoop-stored data and almost immediately start running search queries and producing analytics visualizations.

Kippt Launches Open API with Developer Site and App Gallery

Kippt, designed to make information workflow and archiving effortless, has launched a new API alongside a developer site and app gallery. The new, publicly available API simply opens up the existing Kippt API that continues to power the Kippt web service. Instead of pushing Kippt as a standalone product, the Kippt team hopes that the Kippt API will encourage developers to develop apps based on the Kippt platform.

Drive Sales and Signups with InviteBox Referral Programs

InviteBox, social referral program, allows merchants, bloggers, developers (and anybody else with a web presence) to refer friends and customers to recommended products. Users can take advantage of pre-determined referral offers (e.g. coupons, promo codes, free products, cash incentives, etc.) or create custom incentive programs. InviteBox offers all the needed moving parts from creating the referral program to implementation, and the analytics to measure success. Users can simply insert a widget into a website or utilize the Reward Callback API.

Backplane Protocol Allows Social Widgets to Work Together

As a website owner, implementing social tools like sharing and commenting can be a pain. These JavaScript widgets each operate in their own space, without a common standard to follow, or guidelines for security and interoperability. From an end-user perspective each of these tools can require a separate login, before allowing me to interact or personalizing options for me--and even though multiple tools can be on the same page, they know nothing about each other, let alone share information with each other, creating very separate and siloed experiences.

Where Are All the Widget-Makers?

There are nearly 5,000 APIs. We can connect services and build just about anything. By "we," I mean developers. Regular people were left behind by what now seems like a passing fad, widgets. The web would benefit from a resurgence of widget-making and developers are just the sort to take advantage of the opportunity.

Yahoo Targets Youtube With Embeddable Media Player

Yahoo has just released a cool new embeddable media player, Yahoo WebPlayer, that supports MP3 and WMA files, as well as multiple services like YouTube and Yahoo Video. Yahoo has also launched a whole new site to attract publishers and developers and to encourage them to use the player when publishing audio and video across the Web.

Be an Online Oprah With OpenTok Video Chat WordPress Plugin

Tokbox, the online video communications platform, is on a roll. Earlier this year, we had reported how Tokbox decided to change it strategy from delivering an application to focusing on a pure API platform play. This paid rich dividends in an increase in number of partners taking to their platform and they moved later on enabling Video chat on Android and iOS devices. Tokbox has now gone one step further by implanting itself as a solid choice for enabling Video Chat on your site by targeting the millions of WordPress sites with a Wordpress plugin built on the TokBox OpenTok API.

Napster Opens API: Puts Music on Your TV, iPhone and Web Site

Naspter is one of the most recognizable names in digital music, being one of the first music distribution platforms when it was released way back in 1999. After much controversy, and changing hands several times in the last 10 years, it is now owned by the US electronics retailed Best Buy. Now the technology behind Best Buy Remix, the open API for Best Buy's product catalog, has been released to the public with the Napster Access API (for technical details see our new Napster API profile).

Google Launches Web Elements: Easy Copy and Paste Widgets

Today at Google I/O, Google announced the release of a new set of embeddable JavaScript widgets that allow users to include various types of Google applications on web pages. The new Google Web Elements provide a new way for users to enhance and expand the functionality of web sites and web pages without the need to develop or deploy any code.

Google Analytics API Released - Now Get Your Web Site Metrics via Code

Google Analytics, the feature-rich website analytics tool, has been available for free to web developers since 2006. However, access to the service has been completely browser-based, limiting the ability for developers to create new reporting tools, widgets, or clients for mobile devices. After a long wait, the popular service has finally opened up now that Google has announced the availability of the Analytics Data Export API (our Google Analytics API profile).

Google Announces Book Search APIs

Google has announced several very interesting updates to its Book Search tools, including an embeddable viewer for book previews and a data API. These should open-up a wide range of book-related applications. This follows-up on Google's release in March when they launched the first API for Google Book Search, the Book Viewability API.