The Latest News On The API Economy

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Facebook Advertising Gets Serious With its "Marketing Suite"

Facebook has launched a new suite of marketing APIs and taken its Facebook Ads API out of private beta. The suite gives developers, ad agencies, and marketers programmatic access to pages, advertising, and analytics for their social media marketing campaigns. In addition to the Ads API, the suite includes the Insights API for building social analytics tools, and Pages API for building and accessing pages and their fields, connections, events, links, notes, photos, and videos. Both are officially part of the Facebook Graph API.

Connect to Our Collective Consciousness with PeopleBrowsr

PeopleBrowsr is another “noise to signal” processor of the social media tidal wave.  The platform they provide is impressive and engaging.  I had to pry myself away from it.  It is a tool to answer the question, "who in this social media landscape is relevant on this topic?" but that is just the beginning.  The PeopleBrowsr API is a pay to play way to gain social media intelligence.

Campaign Monitor Rewrites API, Dumps SOAP

Campaign Monitor, the email marketing software aimed at designers, recently announced a massive API update that is sure to please developers. The changes are less of an update and more of a complete redesign from the ground up. The folks down in Sydney have gone RESTful, the new version no longer supporting SOAP. The API also added realtime tracking and integrated powerful segmentation tools.

Contactology Updates API, Goes REST Over SOAP

Contactology, an Email Marketing service, has announced the release of its API. The new API Version 2 has big changes that make it more developer friendly. First, it adopts the REST style over Version 1 that was based on SOAP. It also provides data as developer-preferred JSON. The changes make the API easier to use, which is good for everyone.