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Apps Get Smarter with the Google Prediction API

You ever wonder how Google is able to figure out just what the heck you're talking about when you search for "blue album cover" and you're not talking about the first Weezer album? Google is able to use your previous search, as well as a plethora of other sources, to predict what it is you are most likely trying to find. Pretty cool stuff, once you get past how uncomfortable that may be.

Free Google Analytics Dashboard Built With Google's APIs

Google Analytics is one of the most popular, and free, ways to track web site statistics. It is not uncommon for web masters to use Google Analytics to monitor several different domains, possibly using more than one Google account to do so. But while Google Analytics is a powerful tool, getting a concise overview of these separate statistics can be difficult. The folks at Trakken GmbH thought so too, and so they used the Google Analytics API to create Trakkboard.

Get Real-time Web Site Analytics with the Chartbeat API

If you've ever wanted to know what's happening with your web site as it's happening, you may want to take a look at real-time web site analytics provider Chartbeat. It's a new and very slick service that provides a rich set of real-time analytics. They offer a range of useful tools like their Real-time Dashboard (shown below), traffic alerts (ex: get an email if you've got an above average burst of site visitors), and their API (our chartbeat API Profile).

Google Analytics API Released - Now Get Your Web Site Metrics via Code

Google Analytics, the feature-rich website analytics tool, has been available for free to web developers since 2006. However, access to the service has been completely browser-based, limiting the ability for developers to create new reporting tools, widgets, or clients for mobile devices. After a long wait, the popular service has finally opened up now that Google has announced the availability of the Analytics Data Export API (our Google Analytics API profile).

68% of All PollDaddy Polls Created via Their API

PollDaddy, one of the most popular online poll and survey creation services, recently opened their new API to the public. The basic PollDaddy service provides free accounts for creating polls and surveys, or a Pro upgrade that eliminates sponsored links and allows higher numbers of survey responses than the free version. Now with the API, the core poll creation and reporting services are available to developers (details at our PollDaddy API profile).

Microsoft Live Search API: Now Serving Over 3 Billion Calls per Month

Microsoft's latest version of its search API (our Live Search API Profile), which was released last November as a public beta, seems to be gaining quite a bit of momentum. According to a recent post on the Live Search Blog, the API is serving more than 3 billion queries per month, more than 5,000 applications to use the API, and queries from third party sites account for 80% of the API's query volume.

Flickr: 704 API Calls per Second

As announced on the Flickr Blog, Flickr has launched a new website for developers: Flickr Code. And besides announcing the new site they've both a) given interesting details on just how much API traffic they do each day (see below), and b) they announced they're open sourcing Flickr Uploadr, the cross-platform (Windows and OS X) desktop tool for uploading photos to Flickr.

Graphing Bebo Application Growth

Since Bebo brought its Facebook Platform-compatible API out of closed beta a few weeks ago, as we reported in this post, the initial growth shows a steep curve from about 50 launch partner applications available before Jan 12th to 714 on Jan 26th.