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SumAll Launches New Integration Feature Using GitHub API

API aggregation service SumAll has released a new GitHub API integration allowing businesses to track team productivity and better monitor the full bug tracking development lifecycle. The new integration is a clear example of the value that aggregating various APIs into one visual data layer can bring to the enterprise and to small business.

Font Squirrel API: Commercial-Use Free Fonts and Web Typography Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel can help you and your applications find new fonts. The Font Squirrel API allows users to retrieve hundreds of fonts that are "font-face-ready," which can be used on web sites using CSS or CSS3. The API provides categorical listings, font lists and the ability to download complete sets of @font-face fonts. Font Squirrel uses RESTFul calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

Uberblic Wants to Be the One API to Link Them All QwerlyWindsoc

Uberblic is another instance of what may become a trend in the world with thousands of APIs: the Meta-API. The Uberblic Doppleganger API is currently in beta, but it is quite ambitious in that it looks to position itself as a API cross-reference or mutli-plexer.  Submit an ID from one API to the Doppleganger, get 4-5 IDs for matching content from other APIs.

Social Aggregators Get More Sophisticated With 'Connected' FacebookTwitter

There isn't just one social graph, there are many. LinkedIn maintains your professional contacts, while Facebook has friends and family (and yes, often many professional). Twitter has some mix, as well, perhaps with a different filter. Aggregators take these disparate contacts and bring them into one place. A new service uses several APIs to merge them and give tools to better understand and utilize your network of contacts.