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Daily API RoundUp: Symantec, TaxJar, DroneBase

Twenty APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Messaging, Payments, and Taxes . Also new to the directory are APIs for integrating banking services from Royal Bank of Canada and the DroneBase drone services API. Here's a rundown of the latest additions.

Today in APIs: Streetline's APIs

Streetline offers APIs with parking data to raise revenues, ease parking stress. Registration opens for Apigee's "I Love APIs" conference September 8-10. Plus: Beacon API in Chrome Canary, and Bitcoin API provider reviews.

Can't Find a Parking Spot? Streetline Has an API for That

Some of life's biggest sources of frustration often seem trivial. Take, for instance, the process of finding a parking spot. When you can't find one, few things can be more stressful. Fortunately, one company is using technology in an effort to eradicate parking nightmares. California-based Streetline has partnered with cities, universities, parking garages and transit agencies in the United States and internationally to build a large, smart parking network that helps those partners increase efficiency.

AT&T Pilot Mixes Location Accuracy, Context and Mobile

The way that US telecom carrier AT&T is approaching APIs for the enterprise offers key insights for app developers and business stakeholders looking for market entry opportunities into a global ecosystem. ProgrammableWeb spoke with AT&T Vice President of Ecosystem Development and Platform Solutions, Laura Merling about the broader API strategy. Meanwhile Chris Aron, Product Manager of AT&T Location Information Services, demonstrated how the AT&T approach translates into an industry-specific partnership with Sabre, the global travel tech company.

The Tradegecko API: The Path to Fulfillment

Tradegecko has released an API for its inventory management system.  The Tradegecko API is RESTful and HTTP GET/PUT/POST calls. According to the API documentation, it supports Oauth 2 with an open-source omni-auth strategy for those working with the Ruby on Rails development stack, and supports pagination and filtering of records. The package was developed as an Ember.js client-side Javascript, application.

Unleashed Software Offers API Access to Inventory Management Software

Unleashed, online inventory management software provider, has launched a beta trial for access to its inventory management suite via the Unleashed API. A subset of Unleashed's feature set is currently available through the API. Until the entire feature set becomes available, the API will remain in beta. Unleashed has already improved the beta to include more and more of its entire feature set, and currently includes around 20 of its world class inventory management features.

Valet Car Locator Automates its App with Google Location APIs

Valet, car locator app for Android, has expanded beyond a handy reminder of where you parked your car. Valet was quick to jump on Google's recent release of location APIs and expand its functionality. Before the latest location APIs, a Valet user would need to manually start a timer and notify the app when parked so the app could drop a pin. With the locations APIs now integrated, the entire process becomes automated which eliminates the possibility of forgetting to set your app.

Gravity Launches Personalization API

Gravity, focused on personalizing the internet, has launched a new series of free APIs to further its mission. The APIs enable web publishers to recommend content to users in addition to sponsored stories from paying advertisers. Prior to the API offering, Gravity tools provided recommendations based on demographic and interests through widgets and home page personalization. The API should expand Gravity's reach into mobile apps and deeper web adoption.

The Hunt For A Parking Spot Ends Here: ParkMe API

Trying to find parking in a busy city can be unnecessarily time consuming and downright frustrating. Imagine you had someone sending you real-time notifications indicating available parkings in a given area; brilliant. ParkMe makes this a reality. The Santa Monica based service provides parking information to navigation companies and smartphones. ParkMe also provides the ParkMe API that enables developers to integrate this functionality with other applications.

Purlem API Creates and Manages PURLs

Purlem, personalized landing page and marketing service, has launched The Purlem API that gives developers access to most of Purlem's personalization features. Purlem was born out of frustration with the cost and complexity involved in pURL development. Now available through an API, Purlem has taken more barriers out of pURL creation and maintenance.