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The KantanMT API: Can You Translate Me Now?

The KantanMT's REST-based API with JSON responses is designed to aid mid-sized local service providers (LSPs) in delivering KantanMT translation capabilities. KantanMT is a statistical machine translation platform (in contrast to a computer assisted translation service). The big advantage is speed: the service is available instantly, faster than you can say, "qu'est-ce que c'est?"

If It's All Greek To You, WhatLanguage's API Can Help

With thousands of distinct languages in the modern world, it would be impossible to be able to identify them all by simply looking at them in a text document. In cases where it is necessary to know what language a website, text document or file is written in, having a handy deciphering tool would be key. WhatLanguage does just that. Simply put, it's a language detection web service. WhatLanguage's API makes this functionality available to developers who may want to integrate it with other applications or create new applications.

POEditor Leverages the Power of Many to Simplify Software Localization

POEditor's goal is simple: "A simple way to translate your software." POEditor accomplishes this task through a global community of translators who can work on needed translations or launch projects of their own. POEditor developed as a browser-based software localization tool. However, developers can now leverage the platform within existing sites and apps with the POEditor API. The API calls project related data and allows developers to track progress and users to work on projects.

Verbalizeit: Instant Human Translation Right When You Need it Most

Have you ever been sick in a foreign country but unable to communicate what you needed? Or robbed and needing help without the cash to pay for it or the language to convey it? That's what happened to the two founders who went on to create Verbalizeit out of that experience, Ryan Frankel and Kunal Sarda. Their Verbalizeit API lets you connect users to human translators on conference calls and on the web.

Systran API: Found in Translation

Systran's API automates projects that can use machine translation. Based on traditional TCP/IP architecture, the API and its software rely on statistical techniques to learn from existing and validated translations. According to  Systran's API webpage, the API is used wordwide for everything from website translation to interactive chat, from email solutioms to database translation and desktop uses.

TextMaster API Copywrites, Translates, and Proofs Content

Last week, TextMaster launched an API that allows developers to integrate copywriting, translation, and proofreading services directly into an application or tool. From blogging platforms to e-commerce companies, any company or individual that needs a second pair of eyes to review content can utilize TextMaster's API. TextMaster CEO, Benoît Laurent, commented: "Potentially any company can need our services to translate a website or to write a brochure or a newsletter.”

Automate Language Translation by Humans in the Cloud

In the age of globalization, language translation is one of the key functions that makes sure that the message is delivered in the target language in the original intended fashion. There are various APIs available that do automated translation but we have seen a rise in the number of translation services provided by companies that are backed by human translators. These firms automate the entire process of submitting projects, getting quotes, approving the quotes, providing feedback and other functions via an API. Translation Cloud, a provider of translation services has announced its Translation Cloud API.