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What’s Next After the Google Translate API?

By now you've probably heard the thunderclap that just went round the API ecosphere – Google is deprecating a host of APIs. After years of building developers' trust in their platform, Google is effectively pulling the rug out from under many services built not only for commercial means, but for non-profit and educational causes too.

Translation Telephone Mashup Brings Chinese Whispers Online

Whether you call it the Telephone Game or Chinese Whispers, it has to be one of the favorite games that we played as kids. The thrill of hearing a completely different phrase than the original one made the game so much fun. Google’s Pamela Fox has taken this popular game to an automated online version using the Google Translate API and created a social experience that is bound to keep you trying some phrases just for the hilarious output produced at times.

Human Translation, Now Available via an API

Automated language translation is a great way to bridge the language barrier, but while the solutions available today will allow you to get the general gist of text written in another language, the results are far from perfect and not suitable for many scenarios. Now myGengo has an API that can help.

Microsoft's Translator and API Now Support Haitian Relief Efforts by Translating Creole

The Haitian earthquake disaster prompted a quick response from tech companies, who have provided practical applications to aid in the disaster response. The Microsoft Translator Team has pitched in by announcing that Creole, a language spoken by nearly 80% of Hatians, is now supported in its language translation service Bing Translator.

What Language Are You Speaking? There's an API for That

Did you know that leraar is a Dutch word? A new API, LangID can help you with those pesky language identification problems. Feed it a string of text and the API returns the name of the language, its ISO code and even an image of the flag for a country that speaks the language (the latter could be a hot-button political issue--watch out). You can choose your output as either XML or browser-friendly JSON. (More details at our LangID API profile.)

Google Releases Virtual Keyboard AJAX API

Google has just released a new Virtual Keyboard API as part of its AJAX Language API that should enrich sites that use forms to collect information from multi-lingual users. This new API (our Google Virtual Keyboard API Profile) allows users to input text into form fields in a variety of languages (and corresponding characters) without the need for a physical keyboard or specialized software.

Microsoft Releases Machine Translation API

If you've ever wanted to programmatically translate text from one language to another directly from code, there's a new web service from Microsoft Research you might want to try. It's the recently announced new Microsoft Translator AJAX API and web widget. The API provides automated translation of web pages and portions of web pages into 12 different languages including Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, and Russian. The Microsoft Research team plans to add more languages over time.