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MailWriter API: For The Love Of Sending Letters

Despite the fact that we now live in a world where communication is very much digital and paper trails are rapidly diminishing, there are still instances where physical mail is necessary and there are many who may even prefer the personal touch of a good old fashioned letter or postcard. MailWriter brings the convenience of online, digital functionality to the process of sending letters. It's a cloud mailing service that allows users to create and send letters, postcards or complete mailings directly from whatever device they're working from. The MailWriter API makes this functionality available to be integrated into other websites and applications as well.

Yahoo Opens Mail with New Application Platform

You may remember our earlier coverage of the Yahoo Open Strategy (YOS), which provides developers with access to Yahoo’s tools and data to build applications that leverage three core elements: Yahoo Application Platform (YAP), Yahoo Social Platform (YSP), and Yahoo Query Language (YQL). Now Yahoo has released a limited beta of a new Applications for Yahoo Mail which enables developers to build applications within Yahoo Mail (more details at our new Yahoo Mail API profile).