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SongMeanings API: No More Broken Telephone Between Songwriters And Music Lovers

Isn't it annoying when people get the words of a song wrong and totally miss the meaning? Or, ever wondered what the artist is actually trying to say in his/her intricate piece of musical wordplay? Well, SongMeanings is probably just the service you're looking for. It's an entertainment platform that allows users to follow their favourite artists as well as search for song lyrics and meanings, hopefully getting to the real messages that those artists were trying to get across. The SongMeanings API allows developers to integrate this functionality with other applications.

MusixMatch Lyrics API Brings Order to Chaotic Lyrics Listings

We've all been there. We found a great song we love, but don't know the lyrics. Instinctively, you hit the Google search and wade through a sea of misspelled, poorly translated, out-of-date, or poorly interpretted lyrics listings. Granted, some songs come tagged with the lyrics, which is helpful, but that's not going to help the rest of your massive music collection of songs you've been singing along to. It's frustrating and it's messy, something the MusixMatch API could change.

LyricWiki API Runs Into Trouble Over Lyric Licensing

In another example of the ongoing battle over copyright, LyricWiki, the popular song lyric index and wiki, recently announced a major change that significantly reduces the functionality of its API (our LyricWiki API Profile). Although the API has not been shut down completely, the recent modification removes the core functionality that allows users to retrieve song lyrics.