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Daily API RoundUp: Google Cloud Vision, Easyship, IVA Celebrities LengooInternet Video Archive Celebrity

Seven APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Shipping and Mapping. Highlights include the Lengoo API which allows applications to be integrated with human translation services, and gRPC versions of Google Cloud Vision and Video Intelligence APIs.

Salesforce Announces v2 of its Bulk API

Salesforce has simplified its Bulk API. A Bulk transfer job in v2 reduces the number of steps required by the user. Because Salesforce is handling batching in v2, the API user no longer has to break data into batches for upload. Salesforce also introduced new features and simplified limits.

Google Introduces Dialogflow Enterprise Edition, a Conversational Apps Building Platform Dialogflow Enterprise Dialogflow Enterprise gRPC

Google has introduced Dialogflow Enterprise Edition, a platform for building voice and text conversational applications. This product expands on all the benefits of the standard edition of Dialogflow and provides higher default quotas for greater scalability and flexibility.