The Latest News On The API Economy

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Factual's Restaurant Data API: Over 1.2 Million Restaurants, Over 50 Attributes

Factual provides easy access to the data that drives mobile, web, and enterprise applications. Factual recently improved upon its 58 million points of interest when it enhanced its Restaurants Data. Factual added over 400,000 restaurants to its database (bringing the total count over 1.2 million) and expanded the attributes available. The company provides the Factual API that enables developers to access this data.

VIOLIN API Allows Big Data Approach to Vaccine Research

The University of Michigan Medical School created the Vaccine Investigation and Online Information Network (VIOLIN) because the vaccine research field lacked a web-based central repository where researchers could easily retrieve the vast amount of data underlying hundreds of years of research. Not only has VIOLIN provided the online database, the database is easily accessible via the VIOLIN API.

Captricity Releases Public API

Captricity, dedicated to transforming data trapped on paper into digital form, announced the public release of its API. Originally, customers accessed Captricity's technology via a web portal. In August, Captricity launched a beta API. Over the past few months, Captricity enhanced its API under the Code for America Accelerator program (one of seven startups to qualify for the honor). Captricity announced the API's public availability at Code for America's Demo Day.

Emergency Rescue For Lost Data: OfficeRecovery API

OfficeRecovery is a one-stop-shop for a wide range of data recovery issues. The website provides software tools that facilitate the restoration of lost emails and mailboxes, repair corrupted databases and damaged documents, and retrieve files from damaged external storage devices. The OfficeRecovery Web API allows developers to embed this service into their own sites and to use the resources for remote recovery of corrupted data.

Actwitty API: Creating Organized User Footprints On The Web

Actwitty acts as an online curator of a user's social networking data. The system gathers data from platforms like Facebook and Twitter and categorizes them into topics such as sport, entertainment, politics and more. This creates an organized profile that can be shared with others, showing how the user's time is spent on the Internet according to topics, a trend across time of topics, key terms the user may share on specific topics, popularity in various services and more. The Actwitty API allows developers to access this data.

Fhoster: The Livebase API Makes Creating Cloud Databases a Snap

Fhoster's Livebase API is a built-in REST API supporting HTML5, JSON and XML that allows users to create databases in cloud. Details on the API guide you through 5 steps. First is accessing a cloudlet. Fhoster defines a cloudlet as "A small piece of cloud just for you. It contains a dedicated MySQL database and everything you need to execute your models." The second step is accessing an application within the Cloudlet. Third is access a class within the application. Fourth is retrieving a structured object.

Datasift: Social Media Information You Can Act On

Datasift has released a new query builder for customers working with social media. It answers a simple question: what do you do as a company, with all that data, all the Tweets, Facebook and blog comments about you? It turns out, that if you can really focus in on the comments about you, about your industry, about what customers are thinking, the answer is a goldmine of connection to your best customers and a key to going viral.

Datownia Allows Anyone to Create an API

Does your business use Excel spreadsheets to sort, organize, and make sense of data? Would the data generated by those spreadsheets be useful to partners, customers, or other departments within your organization? Datownia, a recent product from Release Mobile, generates an API from an Excel spreadsheet that allows developers to integrate their data with any website or app.

Telefonica Partners with Telenor for BlueVia API

Telefonica, one of the largest telcos in Europe, announced Telenor (Norwegian-based carrier) as its first carrier partner for the BlueVia API platform. The first BlueVia API available to developers is billing services. In-app billing services remove the need for marketplaces like the Apple's app store or iTunes for mobile app purchases. Instead, consumers' purchases are added to their phone bills.

Win $10,000 In the Kontagent Big Data Challenge

Kontagent has stepped up to offer developers, data analysts and designers a chance at taking home $10,000 in their Big Data Challenge, which is already underway.  The goal of the contest is to take the collection of data sets at Toronto's open data portal and make something compelling and insightful.  What better incentive than $10,000 could you get for directing your midnight hacking sessions?

Locu Exposes Rich Business Data with API Launch

Locu, one of CNN's hot startups to watch, has released an API that exposes Locu's database of business information to third party developers. Locu launched the Locu API at Tech Disrupt SF 2012 and drew immediate attention. The API allows developers to retrieve real-time business data (e.g. venue information, pricelists, menus, etc.) and integrate the data into existing applications. Locu's index crawls the web for business data, and the API makes that data available to other websites and applications.

SureChem Delivers First Freely Available Chemistry Patent Database via API

SureChem, traditionally a chemical patent search site, responded to its "customers' requests for a direct pipeline to patent chemistry data that gave them batch access, the ability to easily integrate with internal tools, and no limitations on how they accessed or use the data" with the launch of SureChemDirect. According to SureChem founder, Nicko Goncharoff, the SureChemDirect API "enables users to directly search [the SureChem] database" for chemical patents and chemical structures within their own toolkits.

APIs Essential for Quantified Self's Core Purpose

Quantified Self, "a collaboration of users and tool makers who share an interest in self knowledge through self-tracking," requires tapping into massive amounts of data for its very existence. Members meet in an online community, and in person through small groups and a larger conference. The goal of any meeting is to learn, develop, and refine methods for collecting personal data in hopes to generate an effective response to the data. At Quantified Self forums around the world, "[i]ndividuals tell their stores of using data to better understand who they are and how they interact with the world around them." says Singly.

Visualizes Social Sentiment Coming to Enterprises in Real-time

It's surely a sign of APIs growing up when enterprise vendors are building tools to utilize them. Business management solutions company SAP AG has a new solution that helps businesses and organizations gain insights into market trends and customer sentiment in real-time. The "SAP Rapid-Deployment Solution for Sentiment Intelligence with SAP HANA" loads text data from any Web Channel that has a publicly available API. Once the data is into its system, SAP's software takes over.