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GitHub's New API Lets You Mashup Git Repositories

GitHub, the very popular online hosting service for Git-based development projects, has released a second version of its API (our GitHub API Profile). Although the API is still in development, the various types of methods offered by the API provide a good base for developers to further integrate with GitHub.

Yahoo's YQL Makes the Internet Your Database

Yahoo has just released a major update to YQL, the Yahoo Query Language platform they first launched late last year as part of their Yahoo Open Strategy. YQL is a SQL-like programming interface to all Yahoo data that can also support non-Yahoo data as well (think of queries that look like: select id from where text='car'). This week's release adds a set of new features called Yahoo Execute which begin putting in place more pieces of a powerful cloud-based development platform.

Mashups Get a Hosted Database with

Developers looking to add database functionality to their mashups will be interested in a new JavaScript API for real relational database programming from The hosted database seeks to eliminate the overhead associated with server-side coding, database management and additional hardware installation (see our API Profile).