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Square Announces Orders API

Square continued its move beyond payments into ecommerce in general by announcing its Orders API. The Orders API allows developers to build solutions that allow customers to place orders online, in-person, and in-app. Orders can be sent to other Square products or centralized POS systems.

eThor Provides Developers the Single POS Integration Platform

eThor, a Point Of Sale (POS) integration platform that allows customers to connect their online ordering experience with their POS systems is now making the eThor API available to developers. This industry unique solution allows developers to plug directly into the platform without having to worry about the POS integration. With the API, innovative mobile application companies will have greater access to real-time data from their offline POS systems and their barrier of entry is lower than ever before.

Handshake API Integrates Sales Order Platform with Third Party Apps and Services

Handshake, sales order processing platform, offers the Handshake API that allows developers to integrate Handshake with third party applications and services. Handshake allows users to write, accept, and sync orders across any device or server running the Handshake platform. Additionally, Handshake supports barcode scanning for more streamlined order processing.