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Government Open Data: How To Get Involved

A workshop on open government data pathways by API Evangelist and current White House Innovation Fellow, Kin Lane, shows there is still plenty of potential for developers, startups and interested citizens to influence the government open data agenda and make use of government data assets. Lane ran the workshop as part of the pre-opening day's workshop series at API Strategy and Practice, being held in San Francisco for the rest of the week.

Droplr API Opens The Door For Even Better File Sharing Options

In a world of forward thinking applications, social networks, SMS and loads of instant chat options, we're spoiled for choice when it comes to instantly getting information. It's all about easy accessibility and real-time, and it's no different when it comes to file transferring and sharing. There are several file sharing options out there, but there is always room for improvement and Droplr is a file sharing service that offers a very user-friendly experience. By accessing the Droplr API, developers also have the opportunity to integrate its functionality with other applications.

SignNow API: Document Signing Goes Paperless

Everyone can relate to the hassles and time wasting caused by the printing, signing, scanning, mailing or faxing of documents that require signatures; not to mention the added carbon footprint due to the reams of wasted paper. It seems such a laborious process for something that should really take a few seconds. But thanks to technology, online document signing is now a reality and the world is once again as it should be. SignNow is one of these document signing applications. It makes it possible for users to sign their documents instantly, from wherever they are. SignNow's API also makes it possible for developers to integrate this functionality with other applications.

The Doctape API: Not Just Another Cloud Storage Bin--It's Neat!

Doctape is out to distinguish itself in the tough market of cloud storage. To become more than a retailer of disk space in the sky, Doctape is thinking about how to make your storage useful. And it's vision for doing that may well be enough to carve out a niche in what otherwise looks like a flat marketplace where players are in a simple dog fight for market share. Just as Apple sold computers like every other electronics company yet held some crucial differences that allowed it in the end to overrun its competition, Doctape has similarly unassuming differences that, taken together, could be a game changer.

Quick And Easy Currency Conversions With Xchangeonline's API

Xchangeonline is a tool that provides currency conversion and rounding functionality that can be integrated with other applications. Their selling point is that, unlike other currency conversion tools available, their service is easy for anyone to use, reliable and affordable. The Xchangeonline API makes it possible for third party developers to access this functionality.

Document Conversion the SaaSpose Way

Sometimes I find myself wondering how long it will take for certain software to make the SaaS transition. It seems, thanks to companies like Saaspose, document conversion software has made the jump. With the Saaspose API developers can integrate many of the company’s features into existing web sites and applications.

Use Doxument to Convert Between Document Formats Online

So, you're trying to share some files with someone who only has access to an old version of Word. Or maybe that Microsoft-hating friend of yours who only uses WordPerfect. Perhaps you want that old-school ebook to be an epub, rather than .lit. For any of these problems, there are desktop apps that work, of course. However, sometimes you want to be able to do that within a program. If so, Doxument and the beautiful Doxument API are what you need.

Hypernumbers Revisits an Old Classic: the Spreadsheet

The spreadsheet application within Google Docs must be the most well known and most commonly used online spreadsheet. A bit like Google Search, the Google Docs spreadsheet dominates the online spreadsheet market. But also, a bit like Google Search, we occasionally we see companies coming along and trying out in an already dominated space. With the resource that Google has at its disposal this is a very tough market, but Hypernumbers, an Edinburgh based startup, is trying to do just that with its online "team" spreadsheet.