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Dimple: PMSI Launches Open Source D3 API

Practical Management Solutions and Insights (PMSI) has launched an open-source API project for business analytics: dimple. Dimple aims to open up the flexibility and power of d3 to analysts. With little d3 knowledge needed, the dimple API gives analysts access to the tools capable of creating dynamic graphical representations of datasets. Using APIs to Automate and Personalize Infographics

Infographics have played an increasingly visible role in communicating complex analytic data in an easy-to-digest way. Until recently infographics were hand-crafted by graphic designers with a special interest and ability in data communications. has made a name for itself by authoring web-based data visualization applications that can be customized and populated on an individual level.

Gliffy API Lets You Get Diagrams and Flowcharts via Code

Gliffy, a browser-based diagramming and flowchart tool, today announced the public availability of their new API (technical details at our Gliffy API Profile). The four year old company announced the new API on its blog, noting that Gliffy hopes to take advantage of the growing trend of companies that are unlocking their APIs to extend the reach of their applications and data.

Chart-topping Billboard API

The legendary Billboard charts are now open for mixing, not by DJs, but by programmers. Billboard, a service of Nielsen Business Media, has a new API that lets developers search and read information from all the Billboard historical charts. The initial offering is its Chart service and later on Billboard will "roll out the Artist and Track services to add even more depth and perspective." the API is a simple REST interface that developers can send HTTP GET requests to in a familiar service/version/resource fashion. We've added a new Billboard API profile with details.